The newest difficulty of the Superman and Batman team-up collection, World’s Finest, is tackling Superman’s origins with a multiversal twist. With its newest character, Boy Thunder, the story launched a brand new, however short-lived sidekick from Superman’s previous. However, his origins do not simply mirror the Man of Steel’s, due to the forgotten origins of the DC Rebirth Superman and Jonathan Kent.

David Sikela was transported from his Earth to the Earth of the DC Universe in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #7 (by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands). Although he got here from one other model of Gotham City, his mother and father creating an interdimensional ship to move him to security is clearly an homage to the origins of Superman. And, similar to Superman, David misplaced his world, too.

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This twist has been completed earlier than — by Superman himself. Leading as much as DC Rebirth, DC reintroduced the post-Crisis model of Superman, who, by that point, had been changed by his youthful New 52 counterpart. This was completed within the occasion collection Convergence, which noticed a number of universes struggle for survival. Most of them had been both worn out or returned to their correct locations, the place they’d quickly be worn out anyway by an impending Crisis. Some characters escaped although, like Parallax Green Lantern, the Flash, and Supergirl from Crisis on Infinite Earths. And, becoming a member of them, had been Superman and Lois of the pre-Crisis actuality, together with their new son — Jonathan Kent.

Most followers neglect that Jon Kent — the present Superman and star of certainly one of DC’s best-selling comics — was born in the course of the occasions of Convergence. His beginning was overseen by Flashpoint Batman. This made him the final son of the post-Crisis actuality, which had been worn out by Flashpoint. Having fled to the then-current Earth of the DC Universe, Jon Kent’s origins mimicked these of his father. He referred to as this new Earth his personal, while being the kid of an Earth he’d by no means identified. The largest distinction was that he had his mother and father with him the entire time.

Essentially, David’s origin is similar as Jon Kent’s. He even shares the identical destiny, with him quickly changing into Superman’s sidekick and seemingly getting adopted as his son on this difficulty. Really, David is much less a retread of the unique Superman origin than he’s a retread of the Rebirth Superman and Jon origin. Even so, there’s nonetheless room for his story due to DC’s ever-shifting continuity.

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It wasn’t lengthy earlier than Jon Kent’s origins because the final son of a dying Earth had been undone, together with the concept Rebirth Superman was a multiversal traveler. The “Superman Reborn” story noticed the convergence origin considerably retconned, it revealed that the post-Crisis and New 52 Superman had been the blue and crimson vitality variations of the character, separated, apparently, by Dr. Manhattan. When they reformed into one particular person, historical past modified and Jon was at all times part of this Earth. His new origin was even retold within the first difficulty of Superman: Son of Kal-El, cementing it in place because the backstory of the brand new Superman.

With that origin basically non-existent now, that leaves it huge open for one more character to assert. Enter David Sikela — Boy Thunder. He cannot precisely be in comparison with Jon since Jon has an entire new origin now. There’s additionally no likelihood of his origins getting retconned in the best way the Rebirth origin was. Especially contemplating the character is poised to solely be a short-lived addition to the Superman Family.

With the best way issues turned out for Jon Kent, there is not actually something for this new character to repeat. After all, it by no means occurred on this model of actuality. Jon cannot even bear in mind it himself. Neither can his father for that matter. With that out of the best way, Boy Thunder is free to show this origin into no matter he desires. Even if he and Jon are initially from useless Earths in universes since worn out, they not have that connection, that means, David will not exist within the shadow of Jonathan Kent.

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