World of Warcraft: World War I Race, with heart-stopping finale, winners are determined!


    The World First Race of World Warcraft looms before the holidays. In the final, a heartbeat final followed the tenth defeat of the final boss by a mythical level of difficulty which led to the infamous Vault of Incarnation raid. Do you have to tell you all the important details?

    This guild seems to have won.

    The European group Echo with their US rivals from Liquid ended with four guilds in the final phase of World First Race. The latter were repeated, mainly because of the small time advantage that is available on the US servers, made progress great and viewed in large groups as easy favorites. However, yesterday evening and thus before Christmas, Echo made it to victory.

    The last phase of the boss fight was very crucial because it resembles a merciless race against time where you should deal as much damage as possible. However, after the victory, many fans assumed that this phase could not be mastered without better equipment. But Echo proved the opposite and won the coveted title of World First Kill against the last boss after eleven days tallied and a total of 265 pulleds. It’s also seen a video of this fight, with big cheers.

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    This is especially popular amongst the PC gaming readers.

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    What’s happening now?

    The World of Warcraft’s best guilds (buy now) already have some time to recover from the hardships, so the battle for the Second World War continues. But the new phase is just beginning of regeneration, because the next raid in Dragonflight and the next World First Race will be due next season. That’ll happen sometime between spring and summer 2023.

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