Will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom have better graphics than Breath of the Wild?



    As a new Zelda game for Nintendo Switch, Tears of the Kingdom will no doubt be compared graphically to its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. Of course, the two games will look similar since they take place on the same stage. However, having been so long since the release of Breath of the Wild (2016), some fans are hoping for a major boost in graphics.

    How will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s graphics compare to Breath of the Wild’s?

    The bottom line is that it’s impossible to compare Breath of the Wild’s graphics to Tears of the Kingdom until the game is released. This is because in-game images will always have a better resolution than images found in a trailer video. With that said, the first indication is that Tears of the Kindgom will be a step up from its prequel in terms of graphics.

    Here’s a picture of the Hyrule Castle Royal Throne Room seen in the final trailer for Tears of the Kingdom.

    Image via Nintendo

    Here’s an image of the same room seen in the memory of The Champion’s Ballad DLC:

    Image via Nintendo

    At first glance, it may seem like the Breath of the Wild picture looks clearer. However, look at the column where the light falls on in the Tears of the Kingdom image. The elements of the column are very defined and the light casts a very believable shadow.

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    This is just one example of an item that is more clearly defined in the Tears of the Kingdom trailer than it is in Breath of the Wild. Another example would be Zelda’s hair – in the Tears of the Kingdom trailers, the strands and patterns in Zelda’s hair can be easily identified. Her hair in Breath of the Wild is much softer.

    Of course, the two games are hard to compare because they will use the same art style. Common benchmark textures will likely look the same in both games. However, once the game is released, players will be surprised at how good it will look. Either way, comparisons before the game’s release will bear little fruit.

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