Will the Op-Op Fruit’s Ultimate Power Finally be Used?


The following comprises spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1063, “The Only Family I’ve Got”, by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, out there in English from Viz Media.

Chekov’s Gun refers back to the literary thought that each factor included in a narrative should be obligatory, and that every one non-essential components should be eliminated. The time period has since been considerably warped, and is now extra aligned with foreshadowing. For instance, if there is a gun proven behind the bar in a film scene, Chekov’s Gun means that the firearm can have signifigance later.

This can typically result in followers wildly speculating over each minute element in a narrative, making an attempt to anticipate after they’ll turn into related later down the road, and in a narrative so long as One Piece, this has occurred on too many events to depend. One such case is the last word means of the Op-Op Fruit: the Immortality Operation.

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The Op-Op Fruit is the Ultimate Devil Fruit

The Immortality Operation permits the consumer of the Op-Op Fruit to commerce their life in change for granting one other particular person everlasting youth. Such a robust means is well-known by anybody who is aware of in regards to the fruit, even giving the satan fruit a price ticket of five-billion Berries, the foreign money within the One Piece world, putting it at a better worth than even the bounties of the Yonko.

Trafalgar Law, the present proprietor of the Op-Op Fruit, is without doubt one of the hottest characters within the sequence, so it is unlikely that he would give his life at any level within the story to carry out the operation, just because it would not make sense for Oda to eliminate him. But, his present predicament might result in the Op-Op Fruit falling into the improper fingers.

After leaving Wano, Law has sadly run into the Blackbeard Pirates, who’re hellbent on getting his Poneglyph rubbings, that are wanted to achieve the top of the Grand Line. Blackbeard would possibly hvae different plans, as he’s seemingly the one particular person on the earth that is ready to steal Devil Fruits from different folks.

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Blackbeard Would Become Unstoppable with Eternal Youth

It’s doable that Blackbeard might steal the Op-Op Fruit, give the ability to a random crew member, and have them carry out the operation on him. It’s unknown if any specific ability is required to really carry out the surgical procedure, or if the consumer merely exchanges their life for one more’s, however it’s actually an choice.

Fans have lengthy speculated because the reveal of the Immortality Operation which characters have had it carried out on them already. Currently, followers are taking a look at Imu, ruler of the world, and Mihawk, although Mihawk is just lumped in due to their comparable eyes. Imu has probably lived for over 800 years, making him the prime suspect for the operation.

With such a robust and distinctive means floating round within the background, it is greater than seemingly that the day it’s lastly used, or a recipient is proven, is rising ever nearer because the story inches nearer to its conclusion within the closing saga.

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