Will Sea of Stars be coming to Xbox Game Pass?


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    We’ve got everything you’ll need to know about the potential release of Sea of Stars on Xbox Game Pass, so you can gear up in preparation to play the adventure-filled indie game.

    While the genre has a very dedicated fanbase, turn-based games aren’t the most in-vogue at this current point in time. However, if a game likeĀ Sea of Stars made its way to Xbox Game Pass, that could potentially open up so many more players to enjoying the fantastical RPG at release.

    Thankfully we’ve got all of the answers you’ll need if you’re wondering if Sea of Stars will be coming to Xbox Game Pass – all you need to do is continue reading below.

    • Sea of Stars’ composer also worked on Chrono Trigger, which features on our list of the best Steam Deck games

    Can you play Sea of Stars on Xbox Game Pass?

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    Get hyped, because Sea of Stars will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch. On day one of its release on August 29, this RPG will be available to all subscribers.

    It will only take 5GB of storage space on your console or PC as well, which makes it perfect to try out – and you can even preload it right now. It is ideal if you’ve got an Xbox Series S, as the pixel graphics will look beautiful and run perfectly despite the console’s lower specs.

    Is Sea of Stars available on other subscription services?

    Image of characters overlooking a cliff in Sea of Stars

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    Sea of Stars marks the first time in history that a game has launched on both Xbox and PlayStation subscription services at the same time, meaning that it is also available via the Extra tier of PlayStation Plus. If trophies are more of your thing rather than the Xbox Series X/S’ achievements, you can launch Sea of Stars on your PS4 or PS5 instead.

    Currently, there is no news about it arriving on any of the other streaming or subscription-based services, but we will be sure to update this guide whenever any new information arises.

    So, that wraps up everything you need to know about whether Sea of Stars is coming to Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to gear up your excitement for launch day if you have the subscription service.

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