Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

Giving a brief comparison between vanilla and available mods available on Steam Workshop. So that ideally, the including/removing of mods don’t break your saves or legacies in Wildermyth.

Intro (disclaimers, and why.)

Heya all. Welcome to some lazy mod guide, that I’ve decided to write for this game. Partially so I don’t forget. And partially so I can remind myself, to update this guide. With visual examples/proof, analysis on how each good mod is/are working. And maybe later, make this as a sticky note/guide for which order, is best to have mods load in. To avoid a “just works” foundation for when this game eventually has far more than 100+ Mods.

As things are; this mod guide is a very rough, work in progress. All I’ve noted right now, is conjecture. Instead of picture/video captured evidence, to infuse life to this guide. Still, rough draft wise, I hope it helps aspiring wannabe modders, to pick and download/use the mods that suit them best. Which I hope this guide will help everyone here with.

That said. The biggest reason I decided to make this hack of a guide, is due to having text/description issues with after a grab bag of mods. Noticed how “Greatspears?” (Or something like that) were called “Dueling Swords”, or such. Which frankly, does not do justice in execution.)

So, with that in mind. Here’s my lazy notes/comparisons for mods, in contrast to vanilla. Note, as this is covering modded contents, this could change in line of Wildermyth updates, or mod updates or bug fixes. But in light of this game just reaching 1.0, figured it’s safe to waste some time, covering mods, instead of well; play the game.

In case of buggy mods & updates

Full disclaimer. Since Steam can be a bit ‘fun’ in not functioning properly in updating any Steam Workshop mods, when they update. Odds are, if your mod is bugging up, and there’s an update. It’s best to unsubscribe, wait a bit. Then resubscribe to download the updated subscription.

If that fails to fix your issues. Then the ‘nuclear’ option is to mess with your steam workshop folder for Wildermyth. Identify the offending corpse of a mod, and delete everything in that folder. Full disclaimer on this method however, is it’s a far more nuclear methodology.

Smoker’s Mods


Since he’s got a lot of mods in a collection. I’ll attempt to cover everything individually, in mindfulness.

Note: As of this writing. This covers all the “1.0” mods. This guide would not cover any additional tweaks, or future 1.x update, mod wise.

Expanded Weapons 1.0

IE: The “may have bugged my weapons” description/s mod.

In principal, very nice in having varieties for some added weapon categories, tactical variety wise (I love my greatbow). In practice…


Smoker Mod

Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide
Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

Categories don’t mesh well. And this visual example is at it’s mildest? (Compared to say, “Dueling Swords” for Spears?) ”XX” (some other description) for modded greatbows, instead of greatbows. Etc.

Especially when by all accounts, it’s a glaring clash in contrast to how neat Vanilla’s categories are organised.

Still, in some lens; I can appreciate this mod, for giving some more mechanical variety for weaponry, so there’s that.

Expanded Armors 1.0

IE: THE “I don’t like my Archers looking greek” mod. :3

Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

But more honestly, this is one example of the mod, working on armor descriptions. I’d hope/presume. Only, I just wish that the starter armor looked maybe, a bit more like this for Archers :3

That said. In concept; I love how it gives variety to armor sets. Just a shame it feels as if it’s at the expense of consuming the ability to *wear*, vanilla armor. Or in another lens, what this mod does, is overwrites all the vanilla armour, with a variety of five sets instead.

I mean, on one end, better variety. On another end, your vanilla armour will be altered (cue Boo! Greek low tier archers!) And that’s at it’s best.

Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

*Buggy* Actually ‘functionable’ armor descriptions

One issue I’ve noticed the Armor mod has (alongside weapons.) Is a “category name” bug, description wise. Especially when not so great, it calls the armor after “Greatsword” to “Hammer” categories, in reference.

As of this updated comment. Smoker has fixed that issue, with making everything look more like vanilla armor descriptions/comparison. And by a day late on top. Had to uninstall/reinstall my mods just for safety sake. Now that I think of it, I’ll add that as a general advice, for buggy mods. 🙂

So hats of wise, it’s more tolerable right now. I hope. 🙂

Expanded Off-hands 1.0

“You need to burn the rope” (for faster bridge construction). :3

More seriously, on principal, nice. Nice in that it expands on the shield off-hand, among others. So in theory, should work alright?

Expanded Spirits 1.0

(Let the) “Spirits are always with you!”

More honestly, expands on armor blessing/s by a ton, so in theory; nice. Problem is, all fine and dandy until you’re dealing with lots of magical shields, that might at a glance, be ‘weaker’?

Eh, nice in concept. Dunno if it trigger’s well by normal comic events though, so that’s a bummer.

Expanded Helms 1.0

Past the fact you may need to fudge/tinker with hair settings a notch/ton on acquiring a helmet. Nice in principal, augment wise. Just, be mindful you may need to edit/remove hair, and/or facial expressions if you get a helmet override your character’s face/appeal.

On one end, wish they added more helmets. On the other end, I’d understand why the devs may not ‘like’ helmet augments, if it could be at the expense of seeing character visuals/faces. So at the end, you do you (on helmet visuals.)

Note; at worst – you may have to install the InvisibleFacialParts mod by Pauly D, if you end up having features stick out of stuck on helmet Augments with this mod.

Expanded Humans 1.0

As an aside. Though to a tweaking degree, it makes it worth changing hooks a notch better, and some variety to vanilla character gen on additional traits. It does not fix the vanilla issue on character gen being ‘set’ on initial stat bonuses, being tied to pre-generated hooks in the history/origin section. Now, if that was fixed to enable ‘custom’ pre-set history (either by update, or mod.) Then that would be the greatest blurb update (or mod.)

Expanded Inventory 1.0

Have yet to been able to interchange between gear, icon/how doesn’t appear to me?

Also, the fact augments are limited by this same principle, AND relies on the “Expand Augments” (1.0) mod to utilize, makes it more of a nightmare to ‘swap’. So, as of this writing; can’t assure it’d “just work”. Though nice in concept/theory.

(any) Visuals Mod

Do you want to be more than a (theme/feature limited) fairy?

Well, these collection of mods are for you. Pick/choose which you like best, in mindfulness to vanilla transformation conventions. Just note that some ‘expended’ transformations, go in contrast to modded in features/themes that vanilla has. Take of that what you will.

The Example theme mods

  • Expanded Themes (+ Grab)
  • Expanded Themes Aberrations (+ Grab)

More seriously. Though nice in theory, be mindful that any theme/event mods, are situational on luck, and may spiral/lead to potential glitches in event triggering, or meshing. Especially with grabbable gear/weapons.

(any) Visuals Mod

In color and saturation tweaks, in theory shouldn’t hurt. Have yet to encounter or hear of horror stories saying otherwise. :3

This is of course, on Smoker’s “Blood & Color” visuals mods. This does not take into account, various theme mods, mentioned above. Or the face mods. Which I’ll touch on soon.

Misc Mods yet to try out (on my end)

  • Expanded Augments 1.0 (do you like nerfed skill bloat, or no offhand tools? Then this is it. Didn’t like the concept, of ‘tools’ instead of more variety of augments though.)
  • Expanded Classes 1.0 (it’s vanilla outdated. So not worth installing for ‘fun’.)
  • ???
  • Expanded Combat Defenses/Wounds & Morale (Haven’t played with these gameplay changing mods on, intending to play/enjoy the vanilla gameplay a notch, before considering.)

As a bias. Anything not listed yet, I’m trying. And yet to cover a consensus/issue with it. (Still seeing if there’s potential issues with Grab mods in the long run/term.)

(Any Face mod)

In theory, should be among the most safest mods to include. Of which, (to a degree) any hair mod would be the most safest.

But do be mindful on hair, faces and facial expressions, when combined, or removed. Especially if it either clashes horribly against ‘vanilla’ head/hair shapes. Or worse; on editing/character gen, you end up with a “phantom” face, or worse.

Bad Mod example – InvisibleFacialParts

Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

Thankfully, any visually generated issues should be easy to fix, on iteration. Just, be mindful on potential visual issues.

Oh, and by the by. This could also intentionally be invoked, if you install the InvisibleFacialParts mod. In which case, good for fixing helmet issues, if going the “Don Thy Helmet” mod, or in case of transformation issues in visual display. Like say; “Bear/Crow” head?

THE “10,000 Faces of Wildermyth!” Mod

This, could not be said of the “10,000” faces of Wildermyth. That essentially split as of the mod’s update, into seperate expressions. From eyes (and ears) to mouth and nose. So in that lens, including faces; the “10’000” faces of Wildermyth is by all accounts, the “mustard” of face mods.

Either it’d work, with another face mod, or it won’t. Typically, modders would warn if it is or not compatible. That, and the fantasy spinoff mod (that split from the ‘base’ mod, to a different category in it’s own right.) Has more than enough options to satisfy even the most hardcore of fantasy tinkerers, for their Drizzle and Urbens.

More seriously. The moment you start using these mods, alongside the “Don thy Helmet” mods (any, or all!) Is probably the moment you’ll begin to have a chance in running on some ‘fun’ expression random generator issues. But in the end, you do you. Just be mindful on compatibility, layered faces wise.

(Any Event Mod)

In general/so far, as of writing. Event mod/s are a bit underwhelming/not appreciated. So it get’s it’s own section here.

Some potential mods within this list? (Give/take, possibly blur’s with other mods.)

  • Love is in the Air (good example, of a PACK of romantic events, flag wise. I’d honestly suggest using this mod, event wise.)
  • Legendary Weapons (good for quest chains, and directed combat/conflict. Bad for vanilla compatibility, if being mindful. So, do be careful with a ‘guaranteed’ artefact. Also, heard it’s atm, overpowered compared to vanilla, so there’s that as well.)
  • New Events/etc event mods... (to a point, events shouldn’t be too much of an issue, on triggering. Just be mindful the more modded events you have, the less likely an ‘ideal’, or modded event would appear in campaign. Unless you’re willing to reload events constantly, until you get the desired end result?)

Some event mod/s that may cause issues, FAIK (or had issues.)

  • Town Market (on event, couldn’t trigger resource trading. So bar figuring it out, or by a better, ‘interactive character/s’ for the mission, don’t bother?)
  • The ‘Centaur’ of attention (apparently, has issues? Yet to try/test those issues out, though.)
  • *Future mod expansions* (not ‘an’ issue, dependency or error wise. But thought it’s an issue to be mindful of, if a mod adds a new event. FUN/issues might happen. Of which, the biggest culprits are any Transformation mod/s. In which case, it all depends on how far/deep it clashes/conflicts with current settings, vanilla included.)

Stuff I’ve yet to try;

  • SOGA Event mods (nice in principal, Werewolves and mortal legend heroes. But haven’t been able to test/trigger those events, just yet.)

Misc. Mods to note

So much of lesser importance. That I figured they need their own misc. Section to be given due love.

SOGA’s Crossbow

(See the “Smoker” weapon mods, now apply to a crossbow? Dunno if this is better/worse for off-handed crossbows. At the end, your choice.)

# Player Lineup

Just installing these, may make you have to deal with multiple campaign option/s, outside multiplayer. The fact you could start with five heroes in a single player modded campaign, is heaven on a headstart lens.

Longer campaigns, you’d probably end up with retired Warriors, Archers then Mystics in the long term. But hey. Incidentally, this style of mod/s also comes with a potential Solo or Duo mode, for the hardcore.

Higher Level Max

Yet to try this mod out in full. But I’m all up for more levels, just so I can jam in more abilities to my custom tinkered heroes. 🙂

Glamazon AdventureMart

Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide

*PS: This image has been artistically censored a notch ton.

Only played this mod a notch. But already, loving it for the non-intended fan-service purpose, of “nude male warriors”. Sadly, doesn’t apply to Archers or Mystics. But by all means, if we were to go 18+ Mods, there’s probably, maybe? A looming interest towards that sort of content, somewhere…

Past that. “Fan Service” in my Wildermyth? Oh please… (Honestly, you do you on this mod.)

One Shot Stopper

Yet to try this mod out in full. But in principal, if this ‘just works’. At least it should function as a sort-of “Deaths Door” mechanic to your fragile heroes. Now, if only the same applies to villains/monsters, on the first hit. Then it’d be a difficulty spike.

Moonrunes any foreign language mod

If your cited language does not include english translations. Or starts in a foreign language. I can’t check/test to see if those mod/s are OK. Sorry!


Personal checklist/etc, for updating this mess of a guide as is.

  • Load Order, for dummies by feature.
  • Mod compatibility. To/through vanilla and back again.
  • ??? (Anything involving long term mods, blah wise?)
  • Get ALL The image references sorted out, instead of glitching up. Done?
  • PS: Check mods for updates. Always.

One last thought. Is if you had, included mods that expanded (massively) on Legacy heroes gear/equipment, and remove them later. There’s likely a chance it’d lead to some possible compatibility issue/s. But hey, in the end; you do you.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Wildermyth Lazy Mod Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Master Basher. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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