Wild Frost’s new Friends and Foes update is out now for PC, and is making its way to mobile very soon.

    • Wild Frost’s new Friends and Foes update is out now on PC.
    • Friends and Foes will be the final and ultimate update of the game.
    • It has more cards, more enemies and more features, coming to mobile very soon.

    As we’ve noted before, the deckbuilder genre on mobile has sadly been skewed towards big AAA projects like Hearthstone for a few years now. That’s why we’re always happy to see an indie succeed on this formula, like today’s article; Wild Frost.

    We gave Wild Frost a glowing review upon its initial release, and for good reason. So for those of you who picked it up, or those of you who have been waiting to see how it develops, you’ll be happy to know that Wild Frost’s big “Friends and Fooseā€¯ update is just around the corner.

    This is Wild Frost’s last, but biggest, free content update. Includes more than four new battles, 20 new player cards, 13 new allies and a new pet, 12 new charms and 12 new challenges, 13 new enemies with 4 new Sun Bells, Zoomlins, balance changes, bug fixes and more. . !

    So if you’re finally looking to pick up Wild Frost and give it a go, this update promises to deliver the most definitive experience yet in this cool card-fighting deckbuilder. check Complete change list for the new version!

    Draw four.

    While you might say it’s a shame that Wild Frost will be done with its subsequent updates, we think it’s good that the game isn’t wearing out its welcome. It also means players are getting the most assured experience on mobile, including all previous updates. We don’t have a definitive mobile release date for this update yet, other than that, very soon.

    But in the meantime, if you’ve finished Wildfrost or just want to see what else caught our eye, why not check out the latest entry in our regular feature with the top five new mobile games that Should you try this week?


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