Why Warner Bros. Execs Prevented Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman


There has been widespread speculation about actor Henry Cavill’s absence from the DCEU since 2017. League of Justice. The Man of Steel himself has barely been mentioned in the many installments that have been released since then. Part of the reason for that appears to be former Warner Bros. executive Toby Emmerich.

Citing a “highly placed source,” film expert Robert Meyer Burnett explained that the problems began when the studio tried to get Cavill to appear in 2019. Shazam! for a brief cameo. The actor’s manager said: “If he appeared in a cameo as Superman, that would count as one of Henry Cavill’s contracted appearances in a movie as Superman.” This was not well received by the studio. Specifically, former Warner Bros. Pictures chairman Toby Emmerich, who is reported to have responded, “Henry Cavill is persona non grata now, won’t he play with the studio? He’ll never be Superman again.”

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Shazam! included a cameo from Superman, although it lasted a second and made use of a body double. Superman entered the scene, he had no lines and was only shown from the neck down. Until now, there was only speculation and no official explanation for Cavill’s absence from the franchise.

As the public now knows, Cavill has returned to the DCEU thanks to black adam and star Dwayne Johnson, who reportedly spent six years campaigning for Cavill’s return. The situation has been helped by the fact that Emmerich resigned from his post in June this year. Also, a sequel to Iron Man It is reportedly in the works and is looking for writers to write the script. Reports also suggest that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Pictures co-CEOs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy are excited about Cavill’s continued involvement in the superhero franchise.

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It was recently revealed that Cavill’s inclusion in black adam it was completed just a month before the film was released in theaters, though Johnson had been teasing a Superman appearance for some time. The post-credits sequence that sees the return of the Man of Steel was originally filmed without Cavill’s face. Johnson first asked former DC Films president Walter Hamada to include Cavill and when that didn’t work, he turned to Luca and Abdy, who gave Black Adam the go-ahead.

black adam is playing in theaters now.

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