Why Titans Needs to Introduce Superman ASAP


As much as titans It’s been a fun ride, a major point of contention has been the absence of Superman. The story primarily focuses on Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, and how Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake fit into their world. However, Conner Kent (aka Superboy) has also been introduced, thanks to CADMUS.

And make no mistake, it’s a hybrid clone, just like the source material, made from the DNA of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent. That’s why he’s questioning his place in the world, struggling to balance his human and Kryptonian sides. However, given what has been teased for Season 4, the series should really push the debut of the Man of Steel, as Conner looks to learn more about his true identity and purpose.

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Titans needs Superman to help heal Superboy

A prop man has been seen teasing that Clark might be coming; however, he feels like a placeholder in terms of narrative. This apology letter, with Kal-El saying that he’ll hopefully be there in the future, isn’t going to win Conner over because he’ll make Superboy feel secondary. Kal-El has to be there to show him he’s a priority, educate him about his heritage, what the sigil of the House of El means on his chest, and even help train him in the Fortress of Solitude.

It will help Conner with his powers, prepare him for life one day with the Justice League, and make him feel more like a son than a fan. He is currently experiencing emotional distress, feeling like a black sheep like most of the world, and perhaps even Nightwing, sees him as a weapon of mass destruction. If Superman doesn’t show up, he will benefit Lex, who wants to corrupt Superboy. And given the way the villain is harnessing supernatural forces, that’s the last thing Kal-El would want, as Conner could become a more dangerous weapon.

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Titans’ Superman reinvigorates the series

The Bat family drama can be overwhelming. There has been a lot about Bruce’s legacy as a bad mentor. Not to mention, it’s exhausting to watch Dick wanting to be a better leader, in the midst of a flurry of romances, as he reiterates how flawed he is. The arc with Rachel and Trigon will also revisit vicious Mother Mayhem and the Church of Blood, while Gar experiencing a breakdown feels similar to Conner’s fractured psyche in the past.

Simply put, a new element is needed and Superman would be perfect. Warner Bros. seems comfortable with having multiple Batmen and Superman in various mediums, so this would allow creatives to plot something different from Henry Cavill, Tom Welling and superman and lois‘Tyler Hoechlin. Given that Dick has admitted that Bruce is afraid of Lex, and that there appears to be an occult-based apocalypse, Kal-El’s wisdom and strength could be essential. And ultimately, because magic is possibly a weakness, he’ll be as vulnerable as ever, giving fans a moving mental and physical portrait of a damaged, more human Kal-El, who just wants to inspire Conner to greatness. , showing that he truly loves his clone.

Titans Season 4 will premiere on November 3 on HBO Max.

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