Why the Two Shows Aren’t So Comparable


Chainsaw Man has been a success manga for just a few years now, with its much-hyped recognition serving to to form the present trajectory of shonen manga. Now, the rip-roaring collection has lastly gotten its long-awaited anime adaptation, courtesy of the acclaimed studio MAPPA. This inventive spine is inflicting some attention-grabbing comparisons, even when they’re in the end unfounded.

Some are noting that Chainsaw Man has imprecise, surface-level similarities to Attack on Titan, one other hit anime that MAPPA additionally labored on. However, regardless of being produced by the identical animation studio, there’s actually not a lot comparable between the 2. Here’s a take a look at why Chainsaw Man is being hailed because the “new Attack on Titan” and why that designation makes little sense.

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Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man Both Push the Boundaries of Shonen Gore

One facet that each Chainsaw Man and Attack on Titan share is that they are much gorier than typical shonen anime/manga. Compared to franchises corresponding to Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and even the considerably edgier Bleach, these reveals experience a stage of violence that collection within the shonen demographic sometimes draw back from. With Attack on Titan, violence is usually orchestrated towards bare giants, with swords slashing and weapons blazing towards their flesh. Likewise, these creatures casually eat and rip aside their human victims, with the well-done animation solely making stated gore extra vibrantly violent.

The similar goes for Chainsaw Man, which options every kind of shredding and dismemberment. With swords and naturally, chainsaws being employed to tear characters to shreds, it isn’t a uncommon sight all through the collection to see blood gushing like water from a faucet. As talked about, that is fairly uncommon for shonen anime, which normally options villains being pummeled and crushed moderately than hacked and slashed. Thus, given their mutual shonen designation, MAPPA anime variations Attack on Titan (which the studio dealt with from Episode 60 onward) and the newly-begun Chainsaw Man are being lumped collectively and outlined by these moderately shallow similarities.

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Humor and Tone Separates Chainsaw Man from Attack on Titan

Beyond each being produced by MAPPA, their gore and maybe their mutual emotions of vacancy and despair, there’s actually nothing connecting Chainsaw Man with Attack on Titan. In truth, the previous separates itself fairly properly because of its humor and sense of enjoyable. Amid the despair, Chainsaw Man boasts a way of favor and slickness that is even better than the high-flying animation utilized in Attack on Titan. It additionally has much more jokes and borderline slapstick violence among the many predominant solid, giving it a reasonably balanced quantity of levity. One instance from the manga is a battle with a supposed “testicle demon” to clarify away a personality being struck within the crotch.

In comparability, Attack on Titan infrequently joked, with this “grimdark” tone illustrating simply how severe the state of affairs was. This lack of humor is why the comedic antics of the live-action particular Attack on Titan: Counter Rockets had been so notorious. The moderately ridiculous collection truly has a sequence wherein the male characters all chase feminine character Lil with their lips puckered, prepared to answer her romantic availability. Such a scene did not slot in the primary franchise by any means, and it is as a result of Attack on Titan is in any other case so darkish and severe. Given that tone, its comparisons to Chainsaw Man are fairly unusual — it is synonymous with saying that the aforementioned Bleach and a comedy like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo are one and the identical.

Attack on Titan additionally has way more of a high quality that might entice those that normally chorus from watching anime, whereas Chainsaw Man is anime by way of and thru. Chainsaw Man is totally self-aware of its occasions, which might many instances be outright outrageous, whereas Attack on Titan is as lethal severe as its eponymous antagonists. Moreover, Chainsaw Man options characters that aesthetically and characterization-wise are far livelier and extra vibrant, whereas the conditions in Attack on Titan make for a solid that is much less outwardly emotional. Needless to say, the hole separating these reveals is simply as massive because the Titans themselves, so why followers are instantly evaluating the 2 MAPPA anime is considerably baffling.

Attack on Titan will be streamed by way of Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation and VRV. Chainsaw Man will be streamed by way of Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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