Why McGonagall’s Backstory Would Be a Great Harry Potter Spinoff


Harry Potter it’s full of characters whose backstories were never fully addressed in the span of the novels and movies. Fans finally discovered tidbits about beloved characters years later in JK Rowling’s further writings. one of those characters is Professor Minerva McGonagallwho, despite being quite prominent in the main Harry Potter storytelling, it has plenty of curious backstories, including a broken engagement and a tragically short marriage, that would make for an interesting spin-off period.

Born to Scottish Muggle Presbyterian Robert McGonagall and Hogwarts-educated witch Isobel Ross, Minerva McGonagall showed early signs of magical talent. Her mother, who had lived her entire life hiding her magical abilities, only then revealed to her husband that she was a witch, not to mention the existence of a whole community of secret wizards. Despite her shock, the pair remained together in the middle of an all-Muggle town, and Minerva lived with the pain of her father’s continued struggle with trust and secrecy and her mother’s frustration over her. live hidden When she was invited and she went to study at Hogwarts, she finally experienced the release of those feelings, but even she was no stranger to love.

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The tragic love affairs of Minerva McGonagall

An outstanding student, fiercely competitive, and with an innate talent for Transfiguration, McGonagall graduated and was offered a position in the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While spending the last summer at her parents’ house before moving to London, she fell in love with Muggle Dougal McGregor, who promptly proposed to her. Although McGonagall initially accepted the marriage proposal, she later recalled the secret life of her parents and her mother keeping her wand, not to mention the possibility of losing her job if she ever did. violated the International Statute of Secrecy. The prospect of her led her to break off the engagement and move to London.

The Ministry’s corrupt environment turned out to be a difficult two years of work, with most of his colleagues criticizing Muggles and favoring pure-blood wizards. However, McGonagall approached his boss, Elphinstone Urquart. When she was offered a teaching position in the Transfiguration department at Hogwarts, she moved into the school. Although her career continued, she was unable to forget Dougal McGregor, keeping him in her heart along with his written correspondence. McGonagall once reflected that despite her pain, it was better to keep the cards locked up than her wand.

For much of McGonagall’s time at Hogwarts, Elphinstone remained close to her and proposed to her several times. But she always refused. It was only after McGregor’s death that she felt her heart was free to love again and she accepted Elphinstone’s marriage proposal. However, even this was not meant to last, as three years after her marriage, Elphinstone accidentally died from a Venomous Tentacula bite. McGonagall would never marry again.

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Why McGonagall’s Backstory Would Make An Excellent Harry Potter Spinoff

the Harry Potter The franchise will eventually encompass more projects, and much like the titular young wizard, McGonagall’s life story echoes the problems of contemporary society: discrimination from an entire community for their difference, secretly growing up in their village, Hide your true self from your loved ones. her person, not to mention being a strong feminist woman in a traditional time. It could be an interesting period drama movie or a series. Though the complications of her timeline fantastic beasts appearances make it unclear what period it would be set in, it could also redeem that franchise.

There have been many ideas for Harry Potter spin-offs There are plenty of interesting backstories, from the founders of Hogwarts to the Marauders group, but McGonagall’s story could allow the franchise to explore a slightly different genre while still appealing to its original fanbase, much like Andor is doing with Star Wars. Showing a familiar character in a whole new light, introducing new themes, and expanding the franchise to larger audiences would enrich the franchise and even attract more fans.

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