Why Luke Skywalker Didn’t Confront Kylo Ren in Person in The Last Jedi


With Luke Skywalker’s return to Star Wars after nearly 40 years, he was a person confronted with many failures and regrets. Yet, by the tip of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he determined to make the final word sacrifice through the use of all of the power he might muster to look to Kylo Ren and let the Resistance escape. However, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker confirmed that Luke’s X-Wing was with him and nonetheless usable, so many have puzzled why he did not head to Kylo in individual.

While opinions on Star Wars: The Last Jedi nonetheless differ to today, there isn’t any denying that Luke’s confrontation with Kylo is visually and thematically distinctive for Star Wars. There was not a single conflict of lightsabers, and the thought of Force projection was new for the franchise. But with the ability ensuing within the demise of Luke, it raises questions as to why he went to such lengths to keep away from displaying up.

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Luke Skywalker Never Wanted to Kill Kylo Ren in Star Wars

Ben Solo turning into Kylo Ren is definitely Luke’s greatest failure, and fairly than threat making issues even worse, he selected a lifetime of exile. He even started slipping into the mindset Obi-Wan as soon as had — that when Kylo had fallen to the darkish aspect, he had turn into a misplaced trigger. But the Luke that saved Darth Vader was nonetheless in there, and with the assistance of Rey and Yoda, he got here to his senses. He knew he needed to cease Kylo however did not wish to kill him, so showing as a projection was the certain approach of protecting him alive. Not solely would a bodily assault towards Kylo lead to his probably demise, nevertheless it additionally would have pushed him even additional to the darkish aspect if it failed. But showing as a projection who by no means attacked made Kylo notice his foolishness and the weaknesses of the darkish aspect.

Luke Skywalker Was the Hope the Resistance Needed in Star Wars

While the grim ending of The Last Jedi is considerably similar to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the remaining Resistance is even smaller than the surviving Rebels. However, there’s positivity as a spark of hope is reignited, stemming from the return of a fable and legend: Luke Skywalker. His standing as a legend is one other factor that led to his downfall and simply another reason for his exile. Yet, by the tip, he realized the galaxy wanted the hope a legend offers. So, when showing to save lots of the Resistance, he selected the type of an un-killable projection fairly than a person folks might watch be damage and reduce down. Whether he wished to be a legend, Luke secured his place as a hero.

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In the tip, Luke’s remaining showdown was by no means about defeating Kylo. He allowed the Resistance to flee, confirmed Kylo his personal foolishness and introduced hope again to the galaxy as soon as extra. So whereas it price Luke his life, and he by no means obtained a remaining lightsaber duel, he lastly discovered the solace he had all the time wanted.

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