The Final Fantasy collection has among the finest music of any long-running video game franchise, and Square Enix is aware of it. The model has its personal line of annual orchestral excursions that is been working for 15 years, and the latest Pixel Remaster collection was bought on re-orchestrated soundtracks for the primary six Final Fantasy titles. And, in fact, there is a Final Fantasy rhythm game collection: Theatrhythm. The subsequent entry within the beloved Theatrhythm collection, titled Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, was introduced at a latest Nintendo Direct, and Final Fantasy followers are delighted.

The first game, titled Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, was launched on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012 and stays one of many platform’s most nice sleeper hits. Blending conventional JRPG party-building with tight rhythmic gameplay, it shortly amassed a cult following, incomes an iOS port that remained on the App Store for half a decade. In 2014, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy obtained a sequel, Theatrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. Once once more, Curtain Call proved {that a} Final Fantasy rhythm game is a profitable conceit, garnering even better crucial reward than its predecessor. Following Curtain Call, although, the collection appeared to hit a little bit of a roadblock.

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Two Theatrhythm video games have been launched since Curtain Call. The first was an arcade cupboard, titled Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival, in 2016. Being an arcade-only expertise, All-Star Carnival did not attain the identical heights as its predecessors, and it is now practically unattainable to discover a cupboard outdoors specialised arcades. The different post-Curtain Call game was Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. As the identify suggests, it consisted of the Theatrhythm formulation utilized to the Dragon Quest collection. It reviewed effectively however by no means made its strategy to the United States, and since the 3DS is a region-locked system, American Dragon Quest followers had been (as American Dragon Quest followers so usually are) locked out of the expertise.

More not too long ago, in 2020, Square Enix supplied a pseudo-Theatrhythm game within the Kingdom Hearts collection, titled Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. While Melody of Memory was made by Theatrhythm growth studio indieszero and co-directed by Theatrhythm director Masanobu Suzui, it noticed some main departures from Theatrhythm‘s conventional formulation. And, in basic Kingdom Hearts vogue, it introduced huge narrative developments to a collection identified for its convoluted lore, leaving some informal followers slightly unenthused. Melody of Memory is a superb rhythm expertise, however it lacks the straightforward and clear magic of the Theatrhythm collection.

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Now, practically a decade after Curtain Call, the Theatrhythm collection is returning internationally to consoles. In truth, it is really breaking free from the world of handhelds for the primary time. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is coming to the Nintendo Switch, sustaining the collection’ longstanding connection to Nintendo’s handhelds. It’s additionally touchdown on the PlayStation 4, permitting followers to expertise the music of Final Fantasy on their flashy dwelling theater audio system.

Final Bar Line additionally boasts the most important base game tracklist of any Theatrhythm game, and Square Enix has already promised DLC that may add music from different iconic JRPGs within the studio’s steady. Tracks from the Nier collection, Chrono Trigger, and Octopath Traveler have been confirmed, amongst others. Square Enix hasn’t talked about the collection by identify, however followers of Dragon Quest would possibly even have the prospect to make up for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest‘s absence from the US.

Theatrhythm has been away for some time, and although there have been makes an attempt to revive the model within the final eight years, most have landed with a little bit of a thud. Now, it appears Theatrhythm is able to return, triumphantly sporting much more Final Fantasy music than ever earlier than.

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