Why Does Eternium Hurt Black Adam?


The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, which is now showing in theaters.

One of the most intriguing aspects of black adam This is how Dwayne Johnson’s Teth-Adam seems so unstoppable. That’s why the Justice Society comes to subjugate him in Kahndaq, scared that a weapon of mass destruction, if left unchecked, could wreak havoc across the world. And unsurprisingly, Adam pulls no punches, mercilessly slaughtering Intergang members who invade his territory as he reminds the heroes that all invaders, including foreigners like themselves, will be punished.

However, Black Adam is eventually given a challenge in the form of the demonic Sabbac. But then again, Adam destroys that threat and becomes the only person in the DC Extended Universe who could kill Superman. However, the movie also features a soft spot for the anti-hero, but for some reason, this Achilles’ heel disappears from the plot early on.

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Black Adam is vulnerable to Eternium

When Adam is freed from his cave by Adrianna, a former college professor, he decimates an Intergang legion seeking to find Sabbac’s crown. He has flight and super strength like the Man of Steel, not to mention he’s bulletproof. Additionally, he possesses The Flash’s speed, making it easy for him to destroy the army in a matter of seconds.

He paints him as a true god, but when he catches a rocket, he sees “eternium” marked on it. He explodes, with the energy leaving a gash in his stomach, knocking him unconscious. Adrianna’s team then takes him back home, where he heals and cauterizes the cuts with his beam. Adam shakes it off and continues on with the movie, with the eternium not playing much of a role. He cuts off the crown, which he has the metal on, later, but even when the proactive Hawkman sees this as a flaw, he doesn’t think about the possibility of using the precious metal.

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Eternium is magical kryptonite in the DCEU

As for why eternium is so deadly, the movie reveals early on that it’s a conduit for magical energy, which is why Intergang has harnessed it as a fuel source. Centuries before, the evil king of Kahndaq made the people mine so that he could create the crown and give birth to Sabbac. the black adam The prequel comics laid the groundwork for this, revealing that the metal comes from the Rock of Eternity. That’s why, when Adriana enters the tomb where Adam is imprisoned in the opening act, her eternium chain glows and reacts to her presence.

Now this story, including how metal traits harm Adam, would have been a great story to explore, especially considering Hawkman and Co. needed an equalizer. Waller had secret files on Kahndaq’s past, so the information on weaponry should have been important. But not even Adrianna addresses eternium, despite knowing so much history and how the metal is tied to the mystical dilemma at hand.

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Sadly, the movie doesn’t give Sabbac the use of the crown nor does he have his horns made of eternium, which would have been perfect for killing Adam. It’s like kryptonite being discovered in a Superman story, only to be ignored. That said, maybe Hawkman will mace the metal in future movies, keeping it the same way Ben Affleck’s Batman had Kryptonite for the Man of Steel. But as it stands, eternium is such a powerful bow to leave on ice, especially after it’s shaped like a game changer for Adam’s reign of relentless retribution.

See how eternity is dropped from the plot in Black Adam, now playing in theaters.

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