Why Didn’t Thanos Seek Out Eternity Instead of the Infinity Stones?


Ever since Thanos’ conquest of the Infinity Stones, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded massively by way of the boundaries of what cosmic beings can do. In the previous, there appeared like nothing was scarier than the Infinity Gauntlet and its energy to do something with a thought. Now, it has been revealed that extra terrifying entities exist exterior of actuality itself. However, their presence alone raises questions in regards to the previous that might change the logic and thought means of every part.

One instance of a strong cosmic entity is Eternity. This being exists as a semi-humanoid silhouette with all existence having made up its physique. Its actual energy is the way it may grant the want of anybody that had discovered it. This was the plan of Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder, and it allowed him to carry his daughter again from the useless. That mentioned, one Reddit theory asks a query that might break down one of the essential moments in MCU historical past.

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Why Didn’t Thanos Seek Out Eternity?

Thanos’ complete want was to create steadiness within the universe by eradicating half of all life. It would imply that existence may thrive, and he may save the galaxy from the destiny that befell his homeworld. In doing so, he changed into a chilly and callous monster who was detached to the idea of life itself. His hunt for the Infinity Stones was nothing greater than a sooner and cleaner method to proceed his conquest and allowed him to dwell out the remainder of his days alone, figuring out that he succeeded in his mission. However, with Eternity current, it is exhausting to not marvel why he did not simply make his want for it.

While it looks as if it might be straightforward to succeed in Eternity, contemplating what Thanos endured already, it is far more difficult to succeed in Eternity. For Gorr, he needed to carry the mysterious and uncommon Necrosword, which gave the impression to be the one method to attain Eternity. Finding it was additionally a longshot, as Thanos had little interest in killing Gods. Not to say the sword itself corrupts and should have labored in opposition to Thanos’ wishes. Even nonetheless, the journey to the Temple of Eternity required using the Bifrost, and with no weapons earlier than Stormbreaker to activate it, it was almost unattainable to succeed in Eternity. That realization alone proved simply how highly effective Eternity is.

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Thanos’ Inaction Proves Eternity’s Importance

The universe and multiverse are crammed with mysteries that also stay hidden within the MCU. Eternity was solely certainly one of many Celestials that also inhabit the house between areas of existence and proved to lift much more questions. While characters like The Scarlet Witch are immensely highly effective and the Infinity Stones harbor power on their very own, Eternity is one thing else totally. Through its thriller and the chance that Thanos would not even know of its existence, it is possible that Eternity is sort of a forgotten God that selected when it ought to and should not be seen.

If true, that may make Eternity extra highly effective than even what was proven in Thor: Love and Thunder. Had Thanos identified of Eternity, he would’ve possible accomplished his finest to try to attain it. However, if that had been true, it might then imply he’d have given up his search, that means that for as highly effective because the Infinity Stones had been, they had been nothing in comparison with Eternity. Ultimately, figuring out that Thanos could not attain Eternity would not wreck his plans, nevertheless it does show that Eternity will be the strongest being within the MCU up to now.

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