Why Didn’t Rhaenys Kill Aegon


This article incorporates spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 9, “The Green Council,” which debuted Sunday, Oct. 16 on HBO.

Moments in tv reveals and flicks that always frustrate followers are these when a personality has a chance to “end” the battle, normally by killing somebody. In House of the Dragon, Princess Rhaenys, aka “The Queen-Who-Never-Was,” had that chance. Ironically, Rhaenys not killing Aegon and the remainder of the Green Council stays true to her character.

Since House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 1 “The Heirs of the Dragon,” Rhaenys has been depicted as a lady who “lost her birthright” when her cousin Viserys succeeded The Iron Throne. Over the course of the collection, she misplaced each of her youngsters Laena and Laenor, and her husband Corlys is gone and presumed useless. Another Targaryen with a birthright to the throne may resort to violence, even for the spectacle. Rhaenys, nevertheless, actually does hope to interrupt the cycle of violence and demise concerned with line of succession. From that lens, Rhaenys wrecking the coronation however not killing Aegon or anybody else makes good sense.

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Why Princess Rhaenys Didn’t Kill King Aegon or the Green Council

Princess Rhaenys and House Valeryon haven’t all the time been probably the most loyal allies to King Viserys. In reality, Corlys Velaryon backed Daemon when he challenged his brother’s determination to call Rhaenyra as his inheritor and never unite their homes by marriage. Ironically, each Daemon and Rhaenrya ultimately ended up marrying Rhaenys’ youngsters a lot afterward. Unfortunately, Laena dies by self-inflicted dragon hearth after failed childbirth and earlier than a c-section could possibly be finished. Laenor fakes his demise to pursue a lifetime of freedom, although lets his mom consider he is useless. This calls again to an earlier dialog between Rhaenys and her husband concerning the worry of dropping their youngsters and grandchildren over claims to the throne.

Ironically, early on within the season, one of many chief “villains” of House of the Dragon, Otto Hightower, provided up the answer of betrothing Rhaenyra to her brother Aegon, which might’ve left the Hightowers and Valeryons not apprehensive concerning the lives of their descendants. Things clearly did not end up that manner and Rhaenys’ worst fears have come true. As such, the ache of her loss weighs on her. It would have been simple for Rhaenys to simply channel her rage into her dragon Meleys’ hearth and make the opposite Targaryens pay. Yet, the ladies of House of the Dragon appear to be the one ones who do not actively search out homicide. Everyone from Prince Daemon to Otto Hightower resorts to killing first when contemplating the best way to clear up a posh downside. This is strengthened by their murdering of anybody who objects to Aegon’s ascension to the throne.

In “The Green Council,” Rhaenys is briefly held prisoner by Alicent, till the dowager queen involves her begging for help. At Aegon’s illegal coronation, Rhaenys has the chance to kill each him and Alicent when she crashes the corridor on Meleys’ again, however chooses mercy as a substitute. This is her manner of exhibiting how queens do issues just a little otherwise, which is as a lot a political assertion as something. After all of the losses which have plagued her, it is probably Rhaenys didn’t need her final act to be killing a mom and her son.

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House of the Dragons Needs the War, But the Characters Could Have Avoided It

Instead of revenge, maybe the Queen-Who-Never-Was selected to embarrass the brand new king as a substitute. Rhaenys may need assumed that embarrassing the boy king could be sufficient. Perhaps the residents of Kings Landing and the Lords of Westeros would even deal with the issue of Aegon II earlier than Rhaenyra might muster her forces. On the opposite hand, it is also doable this “attack” rallies them to the king’s aspect as a substitute, doubtlessly exacerbating the probability of civil conflict.

Dedicated viewers of House of the Dragon know that not killing Aegon and the remainder of Team Green was a nasty thought. Her compassion will probably come again to hang-out her, Rhaenyra’s Black Council and the entire of Westeros. To Rhaenys, nevertheless, it was an opportunity to indicate her energy and present her mercy. Like when Alicent got here to her to beg for her help, Rhaenys is hoping her message helps all of them keep away from unnecessary bloodshed. As such, not killing Aegon and the Green Council is a choice that works on each a private and character stage.

House of the Dragons’ Season 1 finale debuts Oct. 23 on HBO and HBO Max.

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