Why Developer No Code Is the Perfect Fit


No Code’s narrative style could be a perfect fit for a new Silent Hill game, especially if it goes along the same lines as the Observation game.

After months of rumors and fan hopes, Konami has finally announced that the Silent Hill the franchise is back. With two new games, a remake, an interactive streaming event, and a new movie in the works, it looks like Konami has been busy, as have No Code and Annapurna. These two companies have teamed up to develop and publish one of the new games, Silent Hill: Fall of the city. While the trailer doesn’t give away much, No Code has some experience with horror storytelling and may be perfect for a new game. Silent Hill play.

No Code is the independent developer behind untold stories Y Observationtwo well-received horror puzzle games. untold stories is an anthology of different stories told through puzzles solved by the player. Observation has similar gameplay but adds night trapThe camera item to keep an eye on the characters while helping them with their tasks. If No Code can apply these narrative methods to a Silent Hill game, it could be a hit that brings something new to the series while being a bit reminiscent of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

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Silent Hill 4 could provide a blueprint for Silent Hill: Townfall

silent hill 4 it was divisive when it came out, but has gained more popularity over time, aging like fine wine. The reason for the difference of opinion is the game’s location change and some alterations to the usual gameplay, with more focus on combat. It takes place mainly in the apartment of the main character with a trip to another world instead of happening in the city of Silent Hill. The game still has the feel of others Silent Hill games with its storytelling and pacing, it just got packaged differently. If No Code applies its form of storytelling and gameplay to fall of the citycould be the next big change in the series.

Observation game app to Silent Hill could be just what the franchise needs

untold stories Y Observation have the player solve a variety of puzzles to progress the story, and as things progress, the setting and atmosphere become more tense. In the case of Observation, things become more desperate. All of this happens in contained spaces, which makes the player focus on what is happening in front of him. Riddles are part of the narrative, as they not only unlock things, but are key to what is currently happening or catalysts for events. Observationin particular, shows how well this could translate into a Silent Hill play.

In Observation, the player takes on the role of a space station’s AI when it is reactivated by Dr. Emma, ​​who has come to investigate what happened on the station after failing to contact her crew. As an AI, the player can control the ship’s functions and cameras, and must help Dr. Emma find out what happened. More features are unlocked as systems are restored, usually by completing puzzles, and things get more intriguing and intense as the story progresses. This style of play is perfect for a Silent Hill game and might even bring some PT table vibes. While the protagonist probably won’t be an AI, it will be interesting to see what kind of role the player will play and if it will take place in a hospital as the trailer suggests.

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