Why Christopher Plummer Turned Down Gandalf


Before Sir Ian McKellen, the late Christopher Plummer almost played Gandalf in The Lord of the rings. Plummer gained recognition for his role as Captain Georg von Trapp opposite Julie Andrews in The sound of the music. He left behind an acting career that spanned seven decades, with his most recent film appearance in the 2019 film. knives out.

The girl with the dragon tattoo The actor accomplished loads during his long stint in the film industry, including an Academy Award, two Tonys, two Emmys, and a Grammy nomination. Despite Plummer’s lengthy resume, the late actor regretted passing away. The Lord of the rings. However, he still praised McKellen for his warm portrayal of Gandalf.

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Why Plummer turned down The Lord of the Rings

In a 2015 appearance on ConanPlummer talked about rejecting LOTR. the The trilogy required its actors to commit to long-term contracts while filming in New Zealand away from their families. I take 438 days to film the complete trilogy. “I thought there are other countries I’d like to visit before I die,” Plummer said.

the knives out The actor revealed how his appreciation for JRR Tolkien’s work and how it “grew in The Lord of the rings.” This caused him to regret not playing the role. Despite his disappointment at not being cast in the successful film trilogy, Plummer praised McKellen for his portrayal of Gandalf, a powerful wizard from Middle-earth. “It could have been a little cold and serious, it was warm. And I hate the son of a bitch,” Plummer joked as the audience roared with laughter.

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Sean Connery also rejected Gandalf

Plummer and McKellen weren’t the only well-known actors considered to play Gandalf the Grey. The casting team also offered the role to the late james link star Sean Connery and star trek actor patrick stewart According to Independentconnery refused The Lord of the rings because “he just didn’t get it.” Stewart also turned down the film for the same reason Connery did.

In Conan, Plummer also talked about how he had no retirement plan considering his deep appreciation for acting. On February 5, 2021, two weeks after a fall resulting in a head injury, Plummer died at age 91. Many people in the industry paid tribute to Plummer, including Andrews, his The sound of the music co-star. “The world has lost an accomplished actor today and I have lost a dear friend.” Andrew said. While it may have been interesting to see another actor take on the role of Gandalf, McKellen was arguably made to play him.

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