Who Is Corey in Halloween Ends?


The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends, currently in theaters and available to stream on premium tiers of Peacock.

end halloween brings the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers to a bloody conclusion, but these two legendary rivals aren’t the only ones involved in the bloodbath. The town of Haddonfield is cursed with the actions of another killer, and while Michael’s murders are out of pure hate and evil, his younger counterpart’s are out of revenge.

Corey Cunningham is a young man in Haddonfield who is ostracized by the small town, with his mistreatment by society at large returning him to his own darkness. The result is a murder spree that puts an end to the original Shape, but not before he and his brief successor raise Hell in Haddonfield. Here’s a look at who Corey is end halloween and why he takes this dark and bloody path.

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Why wasn’t Corey Cunningham in the previous Halloween movies?

Many have noted that Corey’s story starts a bit late in the “H40 Trilogy”, especially since the second movie took place right after the first. Corey introduces himself in the first scene of end halloweenwhich takes place in 2019, one year after the events of Hallowe’en Y halloween kills. He’s babysitting a young child for a couple attending a Halloween party, and Corey’s life so far seems pretty good aside from living in a town besieged by Michael Myers from time to time.

Unfortunately, his luck takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally kills the boy he was babysitting. Probably because it takes place on Halloween night and the similarities to the first Michael Myers murders when he killed his family, Corey becomes an outcast in Haddonfield. Previously scheduled to attend college, Corey’s life is thrown into an abyss of darkness from which he can never escape.

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Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends had a difficult home life

for the events of end halloween, Corey Cunningham’s biological father is nowhere to be found. It is not stated if he is dead or if he just divorced Corey’s mother, but the only father he currently has is his stepfather, Ronald. Ronald has to give Corey a motorcycle to get the boy to work on time, even though they both work at the junkyard Ronald owns. This suggests that the two are not that close, even if they live under the same roof.

Their relationship is still much better than the one between Corey and his overbearing mother, Joan, who tries to keep him in line. It is not known if he was always like this with his son or if he just started acting like this after the situation with the death of the child, but it is not surprising that Corey’s mental health was in the bathroom living with a mother like that. This leaves him in a hole of depression and prejudice, which Laurie Strode’s granddaughter Allyson tries to pull him out of. Unfortunately, she ultimately can’t, as weakened assassin Michael Myers is Corey Cunningham’s trusted dark mentor.

To see how Corey Cunningham’s story unfolds, Halloween Ends is in theaters and airing on Peacock.

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