Who is Arlecchino in Genshin Impact?


    Image via Genshin Impact YouTube

    If Genshin Impact’s Fatui Harbingers aren’t sowing chaos in another nation, it’s probably because they’re busy sowing chaos amongst themselves. When they were all gathered together for Rosalyne’s funeral during the A Winter Night’s Lazzo trailer, they quickly began to bicker. Arlecchino was the Harbinger to kick the squabbles off. Here’s what we know about this prickly character.

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    Who is Arlecchino from Genshin Impact?

    Who is Arlecchino from Genshin Impact?
    Image via Genshin Impact YouTube

    Arlecchino, who is also known by her codename “The Knave,” is an upcoming female character in Genshin Impact. She is voiced by Mori Nanako in Japanese and Erin Yvette in English. Arlecchino’s role and backstory in Genshin Impact are still being revealed, and there is ongoing speculation and discussion about her character among the fans.

    Arlecchino’s rank in the Fatui Harbingers is currently unknown. Given that her code name is The Knave, it’s likely she ranks lower among the Harbingers, either tenth or seventh. Arlecchino’s name derives from the Commedia dell’arte. In that medium, Arlecchino, or Harlequin, was generally portrayed as a cunning and wickedly smart servant.

    Arlecchino was initially introduced in the World Quest series called “The Very Special Fortune Slip”, where she is mentioned as the caretaker of an orphanage known as the House of the Hearth. Additionally, she dispatched Fatui agents who had been raised in the House of the Hearth to Inazuma for an operation.

    The most prominent reference to Arlecchino in Genshin Impact occurs during an Inazuman World Quest, The Replacement’s Secret. You expose Lyudochka, a member of the Fatui, who has been posing as a shrine maiden on Watatsumi Island. Through dialogue you come to find out that this Fatui member was an Inazuman child who grew up in a Snezhnayan orphanage run by Arlecchino. Lyudochka’s mission was to poison Watatsumi’s land, to turn more children into orphans to be taken in by Snezhnaya.

    We hear in Childe’s About The Knave voice line that she is disagreeable and betrays others without a second thought. This falls in line with her appearance in the trailer, in which she is quick to criticize Pulcinella and Pantalone. She specifically mentions that Rosalyne “died in foreign land” and that the other two have “a convenient excuse to remain in the comfort of your homeland.” It’s possible that she makes this point because she is not a native of Snezhnaya. Her nationality is currently unknown.

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