Who are the commentators in Madden NFL 24?



    The impactful sport of American football brings in many fans, and that’s partly thanks to the Madden NFL 24 commentators and commentators on sports shows. You’ll be hearing play-by-play constantly from them. However, last year’s commentary team was heavily criticized by a few game series fans. Here are all of the Madden NFL 24 commentators in the game.

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    Who are the Madden NFL 24 commentators?

    The Madden NFL 24 commentators include Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin.

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    The two Madden NFL 24 commentators behind the mic include Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin. And yes, it’s the same duo from the previously critiqued game.

    “They don’t have that many lines,” a popular p792161 comment in the Madden Reddit said. “Game Day Presentation in Madden is so far behind every other sports game.” They touted that “even FIFA looks like a match day broadcast.” 255 people upvoted it. 401 people also upvoted the thread’s topic that asks if fellow players are sick of Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin.

    These two commentators have been a part of the series for many years now, and some fans are calling for a new duo on the desk. They’re fed up with the same lines being uttered repeatedly. 

    Who are Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin in Madden NFL 24?

    Charles Davis has a long history in American football. He’s been a game analyst on CBS on NFL Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft. He also helps Fox’s coverage of the NFL. In the past, he’s worked with almost every sports network you can think of like ESPN, NBC, and The Golf Channel. In the past, he was a defensive back for Tenessee’s team between 1983 and 1986.

    Brandon Gaudin is a well-known announcer across sports. Currently, he’s the Play-by-Play voice for the Atlanta Braves baseball team on the Bally Sports Regional Networks. He’s also been an announcer for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, where he worked with the university’s football and basketball teams.

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