Which Star Wars Jedi Has Been Killed Four Times?


Star Wars he is no stranger to tragedy, the fate of the Jedi Order being the most obvious example. Of the thousands who lived through the prequel era, Luke Skywalker was left as the last remaining Jedi just 23 years after Order 66. The grim fate of most Jedi has been left to the imagination. However, a Jedi Master has received four notable on-screen kills, causing fans to debate which version is actually a cannon.

Shaak Ti was one of the few Jedi to become a Master during the prequels. While he is primarily a background character, the red and white skin combined with long tails on his head make her instantly recognizable. And his character saw some screen time in star wars, clone wars, while helping train clone troopers on the planet Kamino. However, his fate during the Jedi purge is unclear, as the franchise has never settled on a definitive death scene.

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Shaak Ti is the unluckiest Jedi in Star Wars

Shaak Ti’s first notable death comes from a deleted scene for Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. During the film’s opening, Obi-Wan and Anakin find Shaak Ti being held hostage by General Grievous. She says, “I’m sorry, Master Kenobi. I failed.” And with a show of force, Grievous stabs the Jedi Master in the chest with a lightsaber. However, another deleted scene shows a different outcome for the Jedi, as Anakin kills his fellow Jedi during his subsequent attack on the Jedi Temple.

Deleted scenes can always be confusing when it comes to canon, and having two conflicting deaths makes it even worse. Then, to top it off, a glimpse of Shaak Ti’s death during star wars, clone wars. As Yoda makes his first trip to Dagobah and witnesses a vision of the future, a brief moment shows Shaak Ti being stabbed by Anakin’s lightsaber. With this being his first uncut kill, it seems likely that this is his true fate. But with the moment being shown in a vision, which isn’t entirely accurate when scenes from Order 66 are depicted, things are still up in the air.

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Shaak Ti’s death used to be even more confusing than it is now, as she also died in the star wars the force unleashed videogame. During the game’s opening levels, Darth Vader’s apprentice finds and attacks Shaak Ti after he has survived Order 66; and instead of being slashed by a lightsaber, she jumps into a carnivorous plant to die. Although, since Disney acquired the Star Wars license, this game is no longer canon.

But still, people have pointed out the absurdity of Shaak Ti’s fate, and his death has gone from tragedy to fan joke. Even the lego star wars games have made fun of him, with Lego Anakin cutting Shaak Ti in an exaggerated way. And as long as his uncertain fate has lasted, it is likely that a definitive answer will never be given. In her case, Anakin, killing her in the Jedi Temple, is supposed to be the most lore-friendly thing to do. But still, unless a Star Wars the character receives a clear on-screen death, his fate always left up in the air.

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