Which Isekai Mom Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Parents are one of the most important pillars in the media since humans tell stories, especially mothers. The same thing happens in the anime and in some cases in other worlds. There are plenty of moms in the anime sphere, thanks to the influx of Isekai anime and the tropes they come packaged with.

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The Isekai anime has had its fair share of mother characters, each with a unique personality that allows them to stand out from the cast. In the same way, the zodiacs encompass a multitude of characteristics that have served as the basis for deciphering a person’s personality.

12/12 Aries: Oga wants to be the mother of all children

Sometimes being a mother is more of a state of mind than a state of being. Oga-san from the Manga Plus-Sized Elf, somewhat niche, is a self-proclaimed mother whose oni instincts cause her to cling to anyone and everyone she perceives as a child. She is one of the main jokes about her along with her alcoholism and her rivalry with the Cyclops Hitome.

Oga is the quintessential Aries, right down to her unabashed honesty and confidence; she knows exactly what she wants. Competitive and somewhat impulsive, her obsession with being a real mother has gotten Naoe and the gang into trouble several times.

11/12 Taurus: Tiamat: The Last Helicopter Parent

Considered the mother of all civilization in Fate/Grand Order, it is appropriate to say that Tiamat is the first mother on Earth. The dragon that gave birth to ancient Mesopotamia is so obsessive that it puts the most vicious mama tiger to shame, choosing to destroy humanity rather than see them progress and leave her behind.

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Tiamat has the stubborn and possessive qualities of Taurus, making her a much more dangerous foe for Ritsuka and Mash. The scary part of what she makes of her is that she believes wholeheartedly that it’s for the good of humanity, which makes her story kind of a tragedy.

10/12 Gemini: Zenith’s adaptability passed to Rudeus

It is easy to compare life to a river; it turns and changes speed but always keeps going. The most important thing is how someone chooses to navigate the river. Zenith Greyrat from Mushoku-Tensei she is an example of someone who chooses to sail down the river, standing up for what little she and her family have on the path to wherever it leads her.

Geminis are known for being adaptable but flighty and somewhat insipid, character traits that led to Zenith marrying and having Rudeus at a young age. Despite that, she does not regret her decisions, but instead acknowledges them and strives to become the best mother and wife that she can be.

9/12 Cancer: Mamako can’t get away from her son

When it comes to caring mothers, very few can compare to Mamako from Do you love your mom and her multi-target two-hit attacks? and the almost oppressive levels of love she feels for her son, Masato. After the two are transported to a game world, she makes it her mission to reconnect with Masato and rekindle her bond.

Mamako has the makings of a Cancer, following her heart and radiant with energy. With this energy comes an unsteady flow of emotions, which can sometimes lead to outbursts and anxiety when it seems like something might come between her and Masato. Although she is a friendly housewife, it would be foolish to mistake her kindness for weakness.

8/12 Leo: Future Re:Zero Villain Capella is a sadistic matriarch

Anime fans may not know this character yet, but avid fans of the Re: zero The light novels are probably familiar with the name Capella, a member of the Witch Cult. Her title is “Archbishop of the Sin of Lust”, but her subordinates refer to her as “Mother”, which means that her status as her mother is more of a formality than anything related to marriage. consanguineous relations.

Capella represents the worst qualities of a Leo. The books describe her as cruel, arrogant, and short-tempered, with a penchant for never tolerating a slight. The only positive characteristic of her from a Leo is her creativity, which Capella has in abundance through her various methods of punishment and torture.

7/12 Virgo: the protagonist of SAO played house for an AI

asuna, sword art online‘s poster girl, goes through a tumultuous journey throughout the franchise. Within the titular game, her life changes as she meets new friends, especially Kirito and Yui, an AI programmed to monitor the mental health of the player base.

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Like Virgo, Asuna is patient and loyal to the end, though she can seem aloof around strangers; It took a lot of effort for Kirito to lower his guard. Playing the role of parents to Yui during her time away from completing the game was the closest thing to real parenthood for the young couple, an experience Yui would carry over to ALFheim Online.

6/12 Libra: Ariel: the queen and ancestor of the spiders

It is one thing to give birth to a single individual, but being the common ancestor of an entire species is something else entirely. It doesn’t seem to bother Ariel at all. So I’m a spider, so what? fame, who gave birth to the first Taratects and subsequently ruled them and all demons as the Demon Lord. Since Kumoko herself was reincarnated as a Taratect, that would make Ariel her grandmother.

As a Demon Lord, her Libra traits help her maintain balance and order where needed. Libras are also known to be social, but also personable. Ariel is definitely the former, but not so much the latter, as she debuts as a great antagonist.

5/12 Scorpio: Millidiana has a lot in common with her daughter

As the villain of a visual novel, Katarina Claes is a bratty and vile girl whose mission is to ruin the life of the main heroine of the scenario. One would be forgiven for thinking that she might run in the family. When her mother, Millidiana Claes, enters the picture, they might think the idea has some merit.

In the game’s original story, My next life as a villain, the Duchess of the Claes family is the stereotypical Scorpio: resourceful and powerful, but also manipulative and mistrustful. With the newly reincarnated Katarina in the mix, she becomes more like her daughter, headstrong but well-intentioned.

4/12 Sagittarius: Megumin’s mom is not above a good plan

One of the lesser known characters of the Konosuba series, Megumin’s mother Yuiyui is a member of the Crimson Magic Clan. With the little screen time she has, she comes across as a loving and hard-working mother who supports her family in any way she can in the hope that they will have a bright future.

Their idealistic approach to life is indicative of a Sagittarius’ attitude, taking life slow and following big dreams. However, those dreams sometimes need to be controlled as they can get out of control if left unchecked, like when Yuiyui tries to marry Megumin and Kazuma after finding out that he is a rich adventurer.

When Naofumi was brought into a fantasy world, he quickly discovered that he would have very few allies. Fortunately for him, he is the protagonist of a series called The rising of the shield hero. When things go from bad to worse, Queen Mirellia Q Melromarc appears as the first competent member of the nobility to help him.

Capricorns will greatly identify with her diligence and dedication to her duties as queen of Melromarc, as this has made her seem cold at times. The most famous example of her is how quickly she disowned her eldest daughter when the truth of the princess’s plans came to light.

2/12 Aquarius: Elvira knows how to be a noble woman

In the The rise of a bookworm light novel, a life-altering event changes Myne’s life, for better or worse. Long story short, she finds another family in the form of a noble house at Ehrehnfest. Fortunately, she has the director of the house, Elvira, to guide her through the ins and outs of high society.

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Aquarians are known for being humanitarian and progressive, but a bit aloof. Given the way she runs the printing industry, it’s safe to assume that she and Myne share a common interest. Elvira treats the bookworm as if she were one of her flesh and blood children, while she gives back to her community and misses out on her interests.

1/12 Pisces: The devil’s right hand man is a full-time worker

Pisces are often stereotyped as wise and quick to put themselves at risk for others. There are no words that better describe Shiro Ashiya, also known as Alciel, the right hand of Satan in The devil is a part time worker. As the one in the group spends his time at home keeping the house in order, Ashiya plays the role of the butler, but his behavior and strict management compare him to a stereotypical housewife.

Ashiya is a hard worker who can also sometimes take on his role as a stay-at-home servant a bit, but only because he is the most practical of Maou’s henchmen. Ironically, he was the fastest to acclimate to human society despite believing that humans were below demons.

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