Which Dragon is Daemon Singing To?


The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 10, “The Black Queen,” which premiered Sunday, October 23 on HBO.

the house of the dragon The Season 1 finale, “The Black Queen,” left many unanswered questions that viewers will be wondering about until Season 2. Will the Starks and Arryns support Rhaenyra’s claim? What happened to Rhaenyra’s baby? But the most intriguing question is the identity of the dragon Daemon sings about near the end of the episode, and why this dragon is so important to the coming war.

It is not surprising that in a game of Thrones prequel that takes place during the Dance of the Dragons, there is a batch Of Dragons Even for viewers who haven’t read the book, it can be hard to tell who rides which dragon and which dragons are yet to be claimed. As Daemon points out in this episode, there are still plenty of “neutral” dragons that have no riders and are free to claim. While there are several to choose from, Daemon particularly has his eye on a dragon he visits in a cave.

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Who is the dragon in the cave?

As Rhaenyra makes plans to fight the Greens, Daemon is in a cave lit only by a torch. He is singing a song in High Valyrian, which has no translation as of yet, so it is difficult to speculate on the words. But as he heads deeper into the cave and gingerly kneels on the ground as growls fill the void, the song is supposed to calm the mightier beasts. In the light is a huge dragon that bursts into fire at the sight of Daemon.

It is never explicitly stated who this dragon is, but the official house of the dragon Twitter Apparently, the account has confirmed that this is Vermithor, whom Daemon mentions earlier in the episode. Vermithor was famous as the dragon of Jaeherys Targaryen (Daemon’s grandfather), who was also called the Bronze Fury because of his bronze color and “great tan wings” like those of George RR Martin. fire and blood describes it. Jaeherys began riding Vermithor when he claimed the Iron Throne, and by this time Vermithor was already a very large dragon. Given this, Vermithor is at least 100 years old when Daemon visits him.

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Vermithor could help win the war

After the Blacks learn of Aegon’s coronation in Episode 9, Daemon suggests that the Blacks start gathering all the dragons they have to fight the Greens. When it comes to numbers, the blacks easily beat the greens with seven adult dragons and three hatching eggs. There are also the unclaimed dragons which include Seasmoke, Vermithor, Silverwing, and three wild dragons. But after Lucerys’s death, the Blacks have lost a dragon and the number cannot beat Aemond’s dragon, Vhagar, who is the largest dragon in the world and has been through a war.

While none of the Black dragons have the same experience, Vermithor is the second largest dragon and could play a crucial role in future battles. In fire and bloodVermithor is said to have been more accepting of new riders than most dragons, so it could be quite easy for anyone to claim him. Notably, one Targaryen has yet to claim a dragon: Rhaena Targaryen. While it would be a departure from the books for Rhaena to ride Vermithor, it would be a significant moment for the woman who has always felt insecure about not yet riding a dragon. No matter who Vermithor accepts as his rider, it could be the greatest competition the formidable Vhagar has faced in years.

House of the Dragon season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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