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    Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 4 has some exciting new and returning weapons for players to acquire. They are all perfect for pulling off a risky heist, such as the unvaulted silenced pistol and remote detonators or a new weapon introduced with the season, the Rocket Ram. This pal really packs a punch and can blast you away from enemies or the storm as well. Take a look at where you can find one for yourself and how to use it to your advantage below!

    Fortnite Rocket Ram Locations

    Although there aren’t set locations where the Rocket Ram spawns since it works just like other weapons in random pools, there are a few different ways you’ll be able to come across it. Since it’s just a big weapon, you’ll have a hard time missing it. These are a few ways you can locate it while you play:

    Ground Loot

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    I found the Rocket Ram most often as a ground loot item, which means it will just be lying around on the ground, free to grab for anyone who walks by. Ground loot can spawn in a few different random locations, but you’ll almost always find it at Named Locations. I found my first at Shady Stilts, but you’re bound to find one in any of the other locations as well, probably even more likely in the new areas.

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    Chests & Heist Bags

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    The Rocket Ram can always be secured in any loot containers, such as chests or the new Heist Bags. I found one inside a Heist Bag within one of the new Named Locations, and I’m pretty sure there is a greater chance of finding them in the bags than a chest. However, the more chests and loot you search, the more likely you’ll come across one.

    Fallen Players

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    You can also find a Rocket Ram in a pile of loot from fallen players, especially if you notice a player using one and decide to take them out yourself. Always keep an eye out for large piles of loot lying around. Rocket Rams are always going to be large, blue Rare items, so you can find them more easily.

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    How to use the Rocket Ram in Fortnite

    Once you get your hands on a Rocket Ram, you’re going to want to know how to use it properly. There are two different ways you can use it: to deal damage or to make a quick escape. Either way, this weapon will launch you a far distance. Here’s how you can use it:

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    If you’re specifically looking to land or crash through a pinpoint spot, then you’re going to want to make sure you’re aiming in with the Left Trigger or M2. Holding the aim button will show you a laser view of where you’re going to ram so you can be more precise with your destruction. Once you’re ready to fly, hold RT or M1 to charge up your meter and then release the shoot button to blast off.

    The Rocket Ram will destroy any walls or obstacle in your path, including doing damage to players it rams into. It can also do damage on impact once you land from your rocket boost, smashing into anything or anyone that happens to be in your landing zone. However, once you use the Rocket Ram, you’ll need to wait at least 13 seconds for the cooldown before you use it again.

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    Another way I found very useful to use the Rocket Ram is to quickly escape a dangerous situation or an incoming storm. Instead of worrying about aiming, simply hold the RT or M1 while facing in the general direction you want to go and wait till the meter is completely full. When the meter reaches its full capacity, it will automatically blast you in the direction you want to go, and you will go quite the distance; plus, you don’t have to worry about fall damage.

    You can do some serious damage with the Rocket Ram if you use it correctly, plus keep players from attempting to build up walls for defense or to get away. It also comes in handy for that quick getaway yourself. You may want to consider adding it to your loadout in your next games!

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