Where to Get Carian’s Push Shield (Map Location) in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree


    If you like the perfect balance between attack and defense, a push shield is the weapon for you in Elden Ring. The Carian Push Shield is one of only two push shields included in the DLC, and we have the exact location for you to find and try it out.

    Carian Push Shield Location in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

    The Carian Thrusting Shield isn’t the most accessible weapon in the new DLC, but if you’re looking to try out one of these new Thrusting Shields, it’s worth looking into as it’s the most buildable option. .

    The general area where you can find it is in the Shadow Fortress nearly Store Back Section Site of Grace. However, instead of going through the main entrance, the best way to locate it is to go around the entire map through the Nice village and from behind Entrance to the church district.

    Once you reach the Place of Grace in the back section of the Warehouse, turn the corner to the right and enter a room with a Fire Knight. Right behind the Fire Knight, there is a corpse under a table holding Carian’s thrust shield.

    Carian’s Push Shield Scale, Affinity, and Stats in Elden Ring of the Erdtree

    Carian’s Push Shield will require some high attributes to use. You will need a Strength of 17 or higher, a Dexterity of 13and a Intelligence of 15 or higher, and scales with those three attributes. Despite balancing offense and defense, you will find that the physical power of the weapon is quite high, and you could even use it in a strength development. However, the weight of the shield is also on the higher side, so you’ll want to avoid piling on too much extra weight next to it.

    The thrust shield can be upgraded using smithing stones and is capable of performing the skill. shield blow. This ability is what allows the shield to be used as a melee weapon instead of just a defensive item. You can perform three follow-up attacks by pressing the button multiple times.

    If this gun sounds perfect for your current setup, track it down and try it out yourself. You can even do it with another weapon if you want.

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