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    Multiplayer online cozy RPG puts the emphasis firmly on non-combat activities such as foraging, crafting, and building relationships. Players can go at their own pace and enjoy leveling up a range of skills including foraging, gardening, and even bug catching. One of the skills I enjoy most is fishing, as there’s lots to learn, a bit of skill to the catch, and plenty of variety in locations and fish to find. If you’re a budding Palian fisher, read on to find out where to find Shimmerfin in Palia.

    Palia – How to Catch Shimmerfin

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    If you want to catch Shimmerfin, you’ll need any fishing rod as well as standard worms to use as bait. I’ve found them in Fisherman’s Lagoon in the southeastern part of the Kilimar Village map (where Einar usually hangs out) but they are quite tricky to land, so you may want to upgrade your gear a bit before you try. 

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    On the plus side, they can be caught 24-7 but they are considered rare, so you may have to do quite a lot of grinding before you land one (if, for example, you’re trying to complete the Magic Bundle). 

    As for bait, the simplest way to get worms for bait is to buy them for 10 gold each from the General Store in Kilimar Village. Worms can be harvested yourself in a Worm Farm once you reach level four in fishing and then buy and craft one (from Einar) for your plot.

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