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    Kuma is a person you want to talk to when you want to travel to other places and solve quests. But the problem is that he won’t talk to you until you bring him the book. This is where to find Kuma’s book in universal time (AUT).

    How to get the Book of Kuma in Universal Time (AUT)

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    To find the Book of Kuma, you must defeat the bullies in the streets of Un Tiempo Universal. They usually form groups of three to prepare to face multiple enemies. When you defeat them, you will reach open a chest which contains random rewards. If you’re lucky, among them will be the Book of Kuma item. If you think you are not strong enough, redeem AUT codes to level up faster.

    The best way to start a fight is hit ’em with the fancy sweeps move, as it causes the most damage. Next is the Drop Kick and Grab move when you have one enemy left. If they prove too strong, simply run away while your Stylish Sweeps attack is on cooldown. When you finally get the book (it’s the Bible), return it to Kuma.

    How to deliver the Kuma book to the Kuma NPC in universal time

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    Return to Kuma NPC to give him the book. You will notice that Kuma does not recognize that you have an item that he needs. To gift the book, put it in your inventory. Do it by following the step-by-step explanation below.

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    1. Click on the item that is in your quick slot (your character will be holding the book).
    2. press the M button or click on the square button in the lower left corner.
    3. Click on the Inventory tab.
    4. Click on the Add to item inventory eyelash.
    5. Exit the menu and talk to Kuma.

    Now that Kuma has his favorite book to read, you can travel to other locations and solve the necessary quests to get Ope Devil Fruit and other valuables.

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