Where to find Island Spectrine in FFXIV – Island Sanctuary Guide


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    Island Spectrine is one of the last materials you’ll find yourself needing to gather in the Island Sanctuary in FFXIV, but there’s a bit of a process to unlocking it then finding it. Here’s out guide on finding, gathering, and using Island Spectarine in Final Fantasy XIV:

    Where to find Island Spectrine in Final Fantasy XIV

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    The first step in gathering Island Spectrine is to make sure you’re Rank 13 in your Island Sanctuary. This rank will require 44000 Island Experience with it you’ll unlock the (current) final four gatherable resources: Island Shale, Island Spectrine, Island Marble, and Island Mythril Ore.

    You’ll also need to unlock the Steel Hammer, an upgraded sledgehammer, and the unlock upgrade, the Mammet-sized Spelunking Tools. You’ll need the following materials for the Mammet-size Spelunking tools, but they’re fairly common, so you’ll likely have plenty:

    • 10x Island Palm Log
    • 10x Island Iron Ore
    • 10x Island Quartz
    • 10x Island Resin
    • 10x Island Wood Opal

    You’ll also need the following items for the Steel Hammer:

    • 3x Island Log
    • 3x Island Iron Ore
    • 3x Island Wood Opal
    • 4x Island Coal

    Then it’s time to head to the Mountain Hollow area!

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    Unlocking the Mountain Hollow Area in FFXIV

    Head to the area marked Point of Interest on the south side of the large central mountain on your Island Sanctuary. This appears at Rank 12, but you can’t use it until Rank 13. Then, the Determined Digger Mammet will appear, and ask for the above materials to create the Mammet-sized Spelunking Tools.

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    Next, you’ll need to enter the Mountain Hollow, and head down deep until your reach the area with the stalagmites, and harvest from there to obtain Island Spectrine.

    What is Island Spectrine used for in Final Fantasy XIV?

    The primary use of Island Spectrine is to create Isleworks Cooling Glass, an 8-hour item from the Unburied Treasures category. This sells for a lot of cowries, and as a result is pretty well sought after!

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