Where To Find Ghost Glovewort 9


Ghost Glovewort is an extremely useful tool used to upgrade in the Elden Ring, but it can be difficult to find. This is where you can get Ghost Glovewort 9.

There are plenty of items in Elden Ring to help your tarnished improve your inventory. You have Smithing Stones, both Shadow and Regular for your weapons, as well as Gloveworts to upgrade your Spirit Ashes. While Grave Gloveworts are common in the Midlands, Ghost Gloveworts are rare as they are used to enhance Spirit Ashes.

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These plants are even harder to find when looking for higher level Gloveworts because they will enhance higher level spirits. These spirits will help you tremendously, especially in late game territory; Whether they are a distraction or used to heal your player, upgrading your Spirit Ashes is vital.


Find Ghost Glovewort 9

Ghost Glovewort 9 is the final level of Ghost Gloveworts before Great Ghost Glovewort. To max out your Legendary Spirit Ashes, you need to collect these rare Gloveworts which are hard to find unless you know where to look.

Most of these locations will be difficult to reach as this is a high-tier rare item, so make sure you’re prepared before you go. Ghost Glovewort 9 can be found in 9 separate locations:

  1. Nokstella waterfall basin: This Site of Grace is found shortly after going down in the magical elevator. From the elevator, turn left and you’ll find the first Ghost Glovewort 9.
  2. Great Cloister: When you reach this Grace Site, travel to the lower level and head West. The Glovewort will be in the middle of the gigantic insect monster’s ritual circle.
  3. Zamor Ruins: Make your way through the ruins; the Glovewort will be towards the end across an interior bridge.
  4. haligtree roots: Once you’ve arrived, take the elevator and walk outside. Once outside, turn left and follow the path until you reach the end. The Glovewort will be among the set of headstones.
  5. Inner wall of Elphael (Haligtree): Exit the door on your right and take the stairs to the southeast. Kill the spider-like enemy waiting for you and it will drop a Ghost Glovewort 9. Continue walking down the lower floor and there will be three similar enemies; each will drop the Glovewort you seek.

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Ghost Glovewort Gatherer Bell Bearing 3

If you didn’t want to go around collecting Ghost Glovewort 9, there is another way to get the coveted plant. Ghost Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing 3 will allow you to purchase an infinite amount of the plant to upgrade your ashes whenever you want.

Travel to the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace and ride the elevator up. From here, head outside and turn left. You’ll want to continue down the path while fighting the enemies ahead of you until you reach an area of ​​tombstones. In the middle of the patch will rest the Ghost Glovewort Collector’s Bell Bearing 3, allowing you to purchase Ghost Glovewort 7, 8, and 9.

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