Where to find dirt bikes in Fortnite Chapter 4


    Mobility is key in Fortnite, and one of the best ways to get around is on a dirt bike. The names of these bikes vary by season, and Chapter 4 Season 2 sees the addition of Rogue Bikes, but the idea remains the same. This is where to find them.

    Dirt Bike Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4

    Screenshot from MyFullGames via Fortnite.gg

    Throughout a season, there are missions for players to complete, and Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Week 6 tasks players with earning points on a bike. Fortunately, these bikes can be found all over the map, and there really isn’t a place players can go that doesn’t have one available.

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    The bikes tend to be on the outskirts of points of interest, so searching Mega City might not be the best idea for players looking to speed up. As a match progresses, these bikes tend to hang around, making them possibly easier to find.

    How to perform tricks on a dirt bike in Fortnite

    When it comes to performing tricks on the bike, it’s a simple process. All players have to do is press Shift, Circle, or B, all depending on which platform players are on, while in the air. A score meter will appear on the screen, and players just have to land the bike on the ground without crashing to get the points.

    There are plenty of locations on the map for players to earn airtime, and they can even build their own ramp in a pinch. Points don’t get players anything more than completing a mission, if there is one, so there isn’t much of a reason to do it unless you just want to look cool.

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