Where to find Brightshroom in Palia


    Cozy online RPG Palia may look soft and furry from the outside but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tough challenges to be had. While there isn’t any combat to speak of, you can still go hunting with a bow, as well as bug-hunting and fishing, while there are loads of places to explore and rare items to forage for. I love stumbling across new gatherable items or getting quests to find them. So if like me you’ve been on the hunt for Brightshrooms, read on below to find out where I get mine in Palia.   

    Palia – Location of Brightshroom

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    Brightshroom can be found across the Bahari Bay map in Palia. The good news is that they’re bright blue in color, so you can’t miss them, plus they can be found any time of the day or night. However, they are considered a rare gatherable mushroom and can be quite tricky to find. You’ll need to search around temples and ruins (the old white buildings) to find them. My favorite spot to get a few is at Windy Ruins, largely because I don’t tend to find many people go there to get them. 

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    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    A basic Brightshroom has a value of 30 gold, with star-quality specimens gaining 45 gold each. You’ll need them as a requirement to craft Dispel Arrows, while they’re also a potential ingredient in the following cooking dishes (you can use ant mushroom for these):

    • Akwinduu Chapaa
    • Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Cream of Mushroom Soup
    • Grilled Mushroom
    • Hearty Vegetable Soup

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