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    Diablo 4 Season 1’s Search for Salvation is a required part of Season 1’s Deadly Story season, but it can be difficult to get through. Diablo 4 recently launched Season 1 and with it, a new story quest that takes players to some of the most dangerous locations. the game.

    Prayer for Salvation is an early quest in the story, but it’s causing some problems for players. If you’re having trouble with this, here’s how to complete the deliverance prayer. Diablo 4 Season 1.

    Diablo 4 A Prayer for Salvation: Crusader Spies

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    The first item on our list is Crusade Missionswhich can be found in Monument to the Crusaders Stronghold can be found in the location Northwest of HauserThe bastion heading north from Zarbenzet is a level 35 minimum area, so be sure to be prepared.

    To find the Crusaders, go to North side of the Crusader Monument. There behind the bastion, before the stairs to Lilith’s altar, you’ll find some tombstones.

    There is one in the center A worn tombstone With whom you can communicate, and only To the left of this graveyou will get crusade missions.

    Diablo 4 A Prayer for Salvation: Paladin’s Prayer Book

    Gameplay screenshot and map location for the Paladin's Prayerbook in Diablo 4

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    for the Paladin’s Book of Prayerwe are going. Eriman’s Pyre. This stronghold is uphill north of Hauser, so it will be a bit of a trek to get to.

    Once you are there, head towards the main area of ​​the fortress where the pyre is. go to Northwest, where the path turns in a circle..

    North of this circle, there are Many cages. In one of these cages, you’ll find one. Burnt chest. Open it to retrieve the Paladin’s Prayer Book.

    Diablo 4 Salvation Prayer: The Tenth Ledger

    Gameplay screenshot and map location for Tithe Book in Diablo 4

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    The final item on our list is probably the easiest to get to, but the most likely to cause confusion. location of Tenth Ledger Is”Near Zakrum Belfry“Which is a dungeon on the east bank of the Hauser, North of the backwater.

    What many people find confusing with this quest is that the description is quite literal, the Tithe Ledger is nearby, but not in the Zakarum Belfry. Instead of entering the dungeon, when you go up the stairs to the dungeon entrance, turn left.. You’ll find a tenth ledger on the ground next to a weapon rack and a chest.

    With all three items obtained, all you have to do is return to Cormond to complete the quest and continue the story.

    This is for us. Diablo 4 Season 1 A Prayer to Find Salvation.

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