Where to find and find training dummies in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Where to find and rescue dummies


    My Hero Academia had dropped in Fortnite, and a new challenge gives players new skills to rescue training dummies in the water.

    The My Hero Academia collab is the latest plethora of anime with Fortnite. With the latest challenges you need to get started in the My Hero Academia universe!

    Players should be a hero, but first, they need the right coaching to be rescued from the training dummies.

    These dummies can be difficult to find but in this situation we’ve found everything to help you become an heroes and complete this challenge!

    Where to buy the training dummies in Fortnite?

    Training dummies are found on different sediments like the Fortnite map. There are six locations, and each must be saved to complete this task.

    • In the Gulf of America, the north-west of the map is the Gulf of the Fareast.
    • In the water below the Anvil Square Lute Lake, the lake lands on the Lute Lake.
    • The southwest part of the bank is split up in the lake.
    • Anvil Square is located in frozen lake in the north-est corner of the lake.
    • In the eastern side of The Citadels swung by the waterfall.
    • West of Frenzy Fields in the pond is the town of Shattered Slabs and south of the Shattered Slabs.

    Here’s the dummy of Fortnite Chapter 4: The location of the classes:

    • Northwest of the map in the Gulf, near The Citadel, the Far West and the Far West.
    • Lute Lake, under Anvil Square, lies an invertebral lake.
    • Southwest of Faulty Splits in the lake.
    • The frozen lake North East of anvil street is on the frozen lake.
    • On the East Side of The Citadels, the water fell by the shore of a waterfall.
    • The pond is located within the city of Shattered and West in the pond.

    How to help strengthen training, training admons in Fortnite and to rescue one’s skills.

    The training dummies are hard to resuscend. Doing what you’ll need is find one and hold down the switch.

    On PS this is XBOX / On PC, the interact button is A. Once you have the button down on the dummy, it will disappear and you have rescued him.

    The dummies are pretty easy: you only need to walk or swim to yell in close proximity to them.

    Make sure that you see all the new collaborations on my heroine! Dekus Smash has been added to the game. Don’t worry about finding this new Dekus Smash Mythic item, please!

    There’s also a bunch of new Arovirus skins and bundles in Fortnite, so make sure to check them out as well!


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