Where to find a Tube of Poxeram in Escape From Tarkov


    As I learned the hard way, finding specific items can be a pain in Escape From Tarkov because anything can happen inraid. One such item that is tricky to find is a tube of Poxeram. Luckily, we at MyFullGames detail where to find Poxerams in this guide.

    How to get a Tube of Poxeram in Escape From Tarkov

    There are multiple ways players can obtain Poxeram in Escape From Tarkov. The common method is to loot them via the following containers: 

    • Supply crates
    • Sport bags
    • Buried caches
    • Dead Scavs
    • Toolboxes

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    If you want to find Poxeram fast, the best way is to pick a map like Customs and learn where loot containers are in-game. For example, the locations marked below are where you can find a few toolboxes on Customs. 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames thanks to Map Genie.

    However, loot is randomized in Tarkov, so you may need to make a few raids before you find any Poxeram inraid. If you have terrible luck finding any Poxeram, you can always use the flea market to buy some if you have it unlocked.

    How to use Poxeram in Escape From Tarkov

    Players can use Poxeram to upgrade both the Shooting range and the Weapon Stand to level two in their Hideout. To upgrade the Shooting Range, you need one Poxeram, while the Weapon Stand requires three. Another option for using Poxeram is to trade two via the Mechanic’s level two loyalty shop for a G SGMT 50-round drum magazine for the Glock 9×19.

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