Where to find a Loosejaw in Dredge


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    There are 128 fish to catch as you navigate the open seas in Dredge, some are rarer than others or require different fishing techniques. One such fish is the Loosejaw, a creepy-looking creature that lurks in the deep. Here’s where to find a Loosejaw in Dredge, including the exact location.

    How to catch a Loosejaw on Dredge – location guide

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    In order to catch a Loosejaw in Dredge, you must have unlocked deep sea fishingwhich allows you to transport fish that lurk in the deepest depths of the ocean.

    Once you have the ability, navigate to the star basin in it south west map section. Head north of the old fortress and check each set of bubbles until you find one Nether Fishing Spot that’s bright red.

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    You will know you have found a Loosejaw point when the shadow looks like a large fish with a articulated jaw. It has a very unique shape, so there will be no confusion.

    And if you’re lucky, you can get the Aberration: a perished Loosejaw. Aberrations are mutated versions of fish that sell for moreso if you’re saving up for a particular ship upgrade, you might want to farm them, which Sign of Ruin can help with.

    How to Unlock Nether Fishing in Dredge

    To unlock nether fishing, you must have completed the Collect all samplesgiven to you by him Research assistant in it old fortress in it star basin. She asks you to catch three types of fish: a glowing octopusa aurora jellyfishand a Firefly Squid. Head over to our Dredging Research Wizard Samples: Where to Get Aurora Jellyfish, Glowing Octopus, and Firefly Squid in Dredging Guide for a complete walkthrough.

    Once you’ve caught the requested three fish, return to the research assistant, who will ask you to go to the research outpost and find the prototype parts. sail lightly southeast from the Old Fortress to find it. Enter the building here and inspect the equipment on the table to collect prototype parts.

    Return to the Research Assistant and give him the Prototype Parts. In return, she will create and gift you the sampling devicewhich unlocks nether fishing.

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