Where to Discover New Ingredients in Potionomics


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Potionomics is a deck building game based on brewing. To get to potion brewing and make it worthwhile in the long run, there is always another element that stands in the way of players that will explain how they can obtain and create formulas. You will need the necessary resources when bringing anything to the pot (cauldron). Before you pull out the cookbook or even improvise, you’ll need a large number of ingredients to create each and every potion.

It goes without saying why obtaining these ingredients is important: no potion can be brewed without the correct magimin ingredients. Writing down which magimins of each ingredient will pave your way to success, but before you really go full steam ahead and get down to business, you need the right resources to avoid failed potions. Here’s what you need to know before you step into the cauldron.

Before you continue, remember to prepare before you travel, as you’ll be doing this all the time when you’re making money outside of customer service inside your store. Make sure you have something prepared before you travel each and every time. Once you’ve got that figured out in the morning, here’s how to find even more ingredients.

Where to discover new ingredients in Potionomics

Early in the game, players only have a few connections to make the most of in their initial setup of their uncle’s potion shop. As you might expect, these are pretty limited at first. This includes Quinn and her item shop. They will only offer and sell 3 items upon first meeting them, but this can always be expanded depending on how much effort players put into increasing their product range. Players can do this by feeding them newly obtained items each time they travel to them, so always have a newly acquired ingredient on hand. Players will need to do this only once for each item, as said item will be easily purchasable the next day.

Adventuring with Heroes (Mint, Xidriel and Corsac)

You may be wondering where you will get these unique items to give to Quinn in order to make the most of them for future investments. This is where the Adventures activity comes into play. Similarly, when visiting Quinn by Travelling, Mint will be available from the start to visit. As an adventurer, Sylvia can request, pay, and send Mint to explore and search for these items that you can use to brew potions or give to Quinn. This makes acquiring them easier, as finding them in Adventures is based on luck. By adventuring, she can test the career of the characters with their base stats and the equipment that Sylvia can provide them with her inventory goods. Doing so will reward Mint with a more successful expedition, meaning she will return with more items for Sylvia.

To do this, use the test function. It will alert you when Mint is unable to progress further in her expedition due to lack of health or mana levels. Players will be able to increase her tolerance by giving her potions to help her carry out the expedition. Keep in mind that Mint won’t be the only one that Adventurous players can ask for help. Later character unlocks are Xidriel and Corsac, both of which have their own strengths in the rollout, such as larger health pools and the ability to retrieve more items in one go.

Investing with the Guildmaster, Baptiste

But getting started is indeed the hardest part, especially since the first 10 days of the game are particularly tricky due to all the time constraints with limited support from others and available resources. To make managing all that time as easy as possible, be sure to spend some time spending some money at Adventure Investments with Baptise.

You will once again travel to him and use his investment service. Some of these items will be of the rarer types, and all will have a chance to give away more rewards depending on how much money players spend on one, two, or three of the listings. Each one has the potential to alter the ecosystem, which means that the player himself can significantly change the inflation or deflation of any item during a day, depending on his actions with this transaction. At the same time, there is a chance to get rare ingredient bonuses by going all-in, so the risk is sometimes worth it.

No matter how risky it may seem, going in as little as possible still delivers items to the player. This means handing them anything new to Quinn, then getting up and repeating for a steady progression of gathering item resources to make even easier potions.

Salt and pepper treasure chests

Finally, treasure chests are the most random transaction types in the game, as seen when shopping at the Salt and Pepper store. Players are presented with three chests, with the most expensive containing the best goods of the round. Items here are hidden and of uncertain rarity. However, this is another easy way to find at least new items with another chance to discover rarer ingredients.

making friends is key

In the end, increasing your bonds with these NPCs is the key to success in Potionomics. While all of these encounters and transactions are based for the most part on luck, players are always rewarded for spending time, effort, and resources bonding with these characters for the benefits that their relationship flourishes. This can be done by hanging out with them or by giving them items that they like or love. This will result in a Rank Up being available to reach the next threshold of your relationship with a character.

In particular, reaching rank 4 with the character will earn them a coupon, and rank 8 rewards players with the characters’ second coupon. These coupons will be used in your stores to get useful discounts. Take full advantage of the quick sorting of ratio meters to make your funds more easily managed.

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