When is a new Operation coming to CS2?


    Counter-Strike 2 takes the place of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, replacing an entire era of Counter-Strike gameplay, updates, and history with a new package. With all that said, is a new operation coming to CS2 and if so, when? I’ll break it down for you below.

    Will a new operation come to CS2 (Counter-Strike 2)?

    It seems like just yesterday we were running around the Library or Motel map with Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s Operation Payback, but this was April 2013, eight months after the release of CS:GO.

    Valve has most likely been working hard with the launch of Counter-Strike 2, and honestly, in an era where game launches are difficult and full of crashes, server downtimes, and community disruptions , the release of CS2 has been much smoother. What others.

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    Will there be a new operation? Yes, the developers seem to want to keep the game as close to the Counter-Strike model as possible, and operations are one way to keep the game interesting. When is an operation coming? Nobody knows and, in my opinion, Not for much longer.

    There’s no reason to worry about that, though, because at least until then, we have plenty of time to admire CS2’s all-new aesthetics and features.

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