Whatcha was doing this holiday week for?


    When starting to look exactly like Chris Moyse, it seems a lot like it was Chris Moyse’s.

    Good morning, good weekend, happy holidays and welcome to Whatcha? I hope you all feel great this Saturday morning, regardless of your intention to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I have to admit that I haven’t felt Christmassy in 2022 and I don’t feel like it once again in many years. But, importantly, I never lose the love for life and stop down until it comes to slowing down a little bit and promoting us all a bit of holiday cheer, with the focus on holidays.

    I hope that this week has been pleasant to you and yours, and that this weekend will allow you to take your foot off the accelerator one-and-a-kindly no matter whether you are celebrating Santa Day or not. Im very grateful that you took a little time to get together this morning. Im sending you a lot of love and good wishes for a happy weekend, along with a long holiday, at the end of the year, we’re having another beautiful week.

    Getting up and on the job means it’s hard to be a smuggler. The gaming boom does not take a holiday. Ever.

    She’s coming back home for me http://t.co/dtgTKjj74t

    Chris Moyse (@ChrisxMoyse) November 19, 2022

    We wish you a Juri Christmas.

    In terms of game, I spent more time than was reasonably able to keep up with the second Street Fighter 6 closed beta. I must say that game feels better when I play it. I could not get enough of Capcoms next scrapper when we first looked at what works, what does, how the Meta rolled out, etc. In spite of these early games, I have no idea if a fighter is working.

    The visuals, the sound, the new characters, and the new rosters are exciting. And that’s not just mentioning the elements we haven’t explored yet: World Tour, mini-games, competitive scene, story mode, all the newcomers and their roles in the Street Fighter universe. That’s not for sure, but every month the month, the month that passes, is another month more polish. As soon as you reach the market – we’ll be doing the same. Stay the course, team. Ah, beggin you.

    It’s time to turn into our respective weekends. Before you do that, there are several important things that I should do. I really have been digging out how deep a few days have all been with me. I appreciate the time you choose to spend there with me. Thank you for helping us show the reason this matter.

    Destructoid appreciates it, the community appreciates it, and, more than anyone, I appreciate it.

    Have fun on the holiday of your friends at Destructoid!


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