What RPG Fans Can Expect From the Upcoming Anime


Created by HoYoverse, Genshin Impact is an RPG-style adventure game where players can get new characters, fight monsters, and explore various regions. The game has gained a huge fan base in the past two years since its release, and the game has been confirmed to be getting an anime adaptation.

HoYoverse is collaborating with UFotable, the studio behind many popular series like Murderer of demons Y zero destiny. It is not confirmed what Genshin Impact The anime will be covered, but with the amount of lore and content the game has already produced, there is the potential for a long-running outstanding series.

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Genshin Impact game has unique lore and characters

The very beginning of Genshin Impact The game sees players thrown into the middle of a battle. Twin travelers, Lumine and Aether, collide with an unknown divine entity. Depending on which brother the player chooses, the other is taken by the enemy. The traveler wakes up in a forest where he meets the mysterious Paimon, joins and embarks on a great journey through Teyvat to find the missing brother. Along the way, the traveler meets many unique people and learns about the powers of mysterious visions. Players can choose either brother, so it’s unclear if the Genshin Impact The anime will follow Lumine or Aether.

The game itself is separated into different Archon Quests; each progresses through the story, unlocking new regions, items, and bosses. If the anime follows the game, each season or arc will follow the Archon Quests. After Mondstadt, the anime would follow the stories of Liyue, Inazuma, and eventually Sumeru, which gives Genshin Impact the potential to be a long-running series.

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Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat has a lot to explore

the Genshin Impact The game currently has four playable regions: Mondstadt (Anemo), Liyue (Geo), Inazuma (Electro), and Sumeru (Dendro). Each is home to its powerful Archons, divine beings who can give people visions to control the elements. Eventually, Fontaine (Hydro), Natlan (Pyro), and Snezhnaya (Cryo) will also be available as regions.

In Mondstadt, the travelers meet the Knights of Favonius, a strange bard named Venti, and discover the secrets of the Anemo Archon, Barbados, and Stormterror, Dvalin. Liyue explores the history of Rex Lapis, while Inazuma reveals how the beloved Electro Archon became corrupted.

The recent release of Sumeru allowed players to discover the truth behind Dendro Archon’s disappearance. Throughout the stories, Genshin Impact it also hints at the traveler’s connections to Celestia, the residence of the gods, and the mysterious country Khaenri’ah that was destroyed 500 years before the current events of the game.

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The anime Genshin Impact will have diverse dubbing

HoYoverse is a Chinese company, but the game offers dubbed options for its characters in Japanese, Korean, and English. Genshin Impact has several well-known voice actors portraying the characters, such as Todd Haberkorn, the voice of Razor. Haberkorn is well known for his roles as Natsu Dragneel in Fairy tale and the death of the child Soul Eater. Zhongli is voiced by Keith Silverstein, who is also behind Hisoka in hunter x hunter.

Japanese voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro voices the Raiden Shogun. She has lent her voice to many popular characters, including Daki from Murderer of demons and Kirari Momobami from kakegurui. the Genshin Impact The anime will likely use the game’s voice actors, which will make multiple voice acting options available from the start.

Not much is known about the plot of the anime at present, but Genshin Impact it has the potential to be a long-running, action-packed adventure. There is no set release date for the anime but the game can be played on Microsoft, IOS, Android and Playstation for fans to enjoy.

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