What is the Super Mario Party Jamboree? Release date, trailer, platforms and more


    As someone who doesn’t miss a new Super Mario Party game, I’m very excited for a new installment. Check out all the details below, including when you can expect Super Mario Party Jamboree to release.

    What is the release date for Super Mario Party Jamboree?

    Announced at Nintendo Switch Direct, Mario Party Jamboree will launch on October 17, 2024. What better way to greet the cold days of fall than with a competitive game of Mario Party? There will be no discussion, I’m sure.

    What platforms is Super Mario Party Jamboree released on?

    Although I despair as a primarily PC gamer, Super Mario Party Jamboree will be released only for nintendo switch. It’s one of their biggest exclusive games, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t change it.

    What is the Super Mario Party Jamboree game like?

    According to Nintendo, Jamboree will be the flagship game in the Super Mario Party series, set on a large resort island. The game will include five new boards:

    • Rainbow Gallery – a multi-story board where you can use coins to buy stars when they are on sale.
    • Roll’em race track – a racing board where you can even move up to 40 spaces if you’re lucky with a new die (I can see myself getting one as always).
    • Goomba Lagoon – a beach board where the tide will affect the path
    • Mega Wiggler Tree Party – a tea party in nature? I’m always up for it!
    • King Bowser’s Keep – The lava that surrounds this board fits with Bowser’s aesthetic, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

    In addition to the new boards, the Jamboree will also include two old maps: Mario’s Rainbow Castle and the Land of the West. There is also more 110 mini games in which you can challenge your friends for a victory or a spectacular defeat.

    Up to 20 players can also join the new online. koopathlon mode (requiring a Nintendo Switch Online membership). I can only imagine the chaos of so many people playing Mario Party. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be team-based, so I don’t have to worry about betraying anyone to get to the top.

    The trailer even shows more game modes which we don’t get many details about. One shows the Wiggler in what looks like a race against players that requires coordination between teammates. The notes in the air lead me to think that there may be some music that you need to follow along with your foot.

    The gameplay with Mario and Luigi flying while carrying Peach makes me worry about any of my friends ending up in that basket. I suspect there are a lot of “accidental” moments where Peach is dropped (if that’s part of the game).

    If you’re wondering what else was announced at the Nintendo Direct, check out the Among Us update that lets you turn invisible and plant-tracking devices with new features in Pro Gaming Guides.

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