What is Nightingale? Release date, platforms, Early Access, Crafting, and more!


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    Nightingale has been one of my most wanted games since it was first revealed during Summer Game Fest 2022. This portal jumping survival game features a delightful aesthetic, reminding me of Victorian era explorers combined with Fae worlds. With more information having been revealed since then, let’s explore Nightingale.

    Everything we know about Nightingale

    Nightingale follows Realmwalkers, explorers who venture into the Faewild. Traverse enchanting forests, deadly swamps, and expansive deserts as you face the challenges and dangers of Nightingale. Here is what we know about Nightingale.

    What is the release date for Nightingale – Early Access

    Nightingale finally has an early access release date of February 22, 2024. I was hoping for a 2023 release, but I’m excited to finally know when I can dive into this thrilling world. You can follow the official Nightingale Twitter for more information.

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    What platforms will Nightingale be on?

    Nightingale is set to come to PC. It has not been announced whether there are plans to release on other platforms. On PC, Nightingale will launch on Steam and Epic Games.

    Will Nightingale have multiplayer?

    Nightingale is a shared-world survival game, allowing for single-player and multiplayer experiences. Up to six players can play together online and can join game worlds seamlessly for free. Alternatively, you can play solo and explore the Realms by yourself.

    Is Nightingale a Survival Crafting game?

    Nightingale focuses heavily on exploring, surviving, and crafting through a series of endless worlds. Players can explore procedurally generated worlds and build their bases, turning them into grand estates worthy of calling home. You will need to craft your tools as you progress if you wish to survive, but you can also master spellcraft to enhance your gear.

    Nightingale gameplay trailer

    Nightingale’s latest trailer debuted during Gamescom Open Night Live, giving players an in-depth look at gameplay and the world. Check out the trailer on the official PlayNightingale YouTube channel.

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