What is Metroid Prime 4: Beyond? Release date, gameplay and trailer


    Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is the next installment in the iconic Metroid series. Having originally been announced during Nintendo’s E3 2017 presentation, the game has now been re-announced with a flashy new trailer and new title. We have compiled all known information about the game below.

    What is Metroid Prime 4: Beyond?

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    Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is a first-person sci-fi adventure in which players take on the role of iconic bounty hunter Samus Aran, who takes on space pirates and Metroids across the in-game galaxy. The game is being developed by Retro Studios and will be published by Nintendo.

    Since its original reveal in 2017, news about it has been scarce and fans were worried about whether the game would see the light of day. But in the Nintendo Direct June 2024, a proper gameplay trailer for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was released. We don’t know the game’s story, but it involves Samus Aran embarking on a new mission and Sylux as the potential antagonist (according to the game’s new trailer). Regardless of that, it will definitely include Samus taking down a group of pirates and Metroids.

    What is the release date for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond?

    Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will release in 2025, without any specific release window or date. The latest Metroid game, Metroid Prime: Remastered, was released in February of last year. However, as this is a remaster, this does not necessarily guarantee that this new entry in the series will be released around the same time. In fact, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is likely to be a cross-gen release between Nintendo Switch and its successor and could be a launch title for the new console, so we’ll have to wait for more details next year.

    What platforms will Metroid Prime 4: Beyond be on?

    As with previous Metroid games, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will be released on Nintendo Switch. The series has been a Nintendo exclusive title since the first game in 1986, so it’s unlikely to be released on any other platform.

    Metroid Prime 4: Beyond the gameplay trailer

    Check out the latest Metroid Prime 4: Beyond gameplay trailer below:

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