What is Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom? Release date, trailer, gameplay and more


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    The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom finally has the Zelda protagonist fans have been waiting for. Echoes of Wisdom was announced today at the June 2024 Nintendo Direct. If you missed it, I’ll tell you everything you missed about Echoes of Wisdom.

    Everything we know about Echoes of Wisdom

    The biggest and brightest part of the game is that Zelda takes center stage as our heroine. After Link defeats Ganon in his beast form, he approaches Zelda to free her from her. Unfortunately, Ganon’s weapon performs a unique magic that opens divisions throughout Hyrule. One of these cracks opens beneath Link, giving him enough time to weaken Zelda’s bonds before he is swallowed.

    Image via Nintendo of America on YouTube

    With Link gone, it’s up to Zelda to protect Hyrule from this new threat. However, this does not mean that she is alone! After all, every Legend of Zelda protagonist needs a fairy companion. Enter Tri, Zelda’s personal fairy assistant.

    Image via Nintendo of America on YouTube

    Tri provides Zelda with the Tri Wand. The Tri Wand is used to learn the echoes of elements so you can summon them later for puzzles, fights, and more! Sometimes the process will be simple, such as summoning a table to stand on to reach a new ledge. On other occasions it can be more complex, such as creating a bed ladder.

    Image via Nintendo of America on YouTube

    Players will also be able to summon enemy monsters after capturing their echoes. This is particularly useful for fighting other monsters, but will also be vital for solving certain puzzles. You will need to have a good knowledge of each monster and what they do well to use them efficiently. It will allow players to solve puzzles in various ways depending on their thoughts and knowledge.

    Personally, I’m very excited about the game and think it will be a huge success. Not only do we get another I’m playing Princess Peach after almost 20 years, but Zelda is finally getting a standalone game. What’s particularly charming is that it’s not a Link game with Link painted to look like Zelda. The developers have worked hard to make the mechanics completely different so that Zelda can shine as the protagonist.

    Of course, the new style of play looks like a lot of fun. The way players can summon and use the different echoes reminds me a bit of Super Scribblenauts. Every puzzle and fight will have countless solutions that are limited only by what your mind can conjure up. While this should be fun just within the game, it provides plenty of opportunities to build communities around the game. I think we’ll see an online community forming over silly, wacky, complicated solutions to even the simplest of puzzles.

    Image via Nintendo of America on YouTube

    Trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

    The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom trailer released during the Nintendo Direct actually comes in two parts. The first trailer serves as a teaser for the announcement and introduces us to the story behind the game. The second trailer offers a bit more story, but focuses mainly on the gameplay mechanics, from fighting methods to puzzle solving.

    When will Echoes of Wisdom be released?

    Echoes of Wisdom is scheduled for release on September 26, 2024 on Nintendo Switch.

    Hyrule Switch Lite Limited Edition

    Nintendo is releasing a limited edition Hyrule version of the Nintendo Switch Lite alongside the game! This is one of the prettiest Switch Lites out there with a delicate gold color, a large Triforce on the back, and a small Triforce to the right of the front screen.

    Image via Nintendo of America on YouTube

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