What is Crimson Desert? Gameplay, Open World, Fishing, & more!


    Crimson Desert captured my attention when I saw it, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for more. Pearl Abyss showcased an incredible trailer during Gamescom, giving me and fans more than we could have asked for. That said, we only know a little about Crimson Desert, but here is what we do know.

    Everything we know about Crimson Desert

    Pearl Abyss, the team behind Black Desert Online, produced and developed Crimson Desert. It features stunning visuals, thrilling gameplay, and an expansive world to explore. Combat consists of magic attacks, different weapons, and even hand-to-hand combat. Let’s take a look at what we know about Crimson Desert.

    What is the release date for Crimson Desert?

    There is no release date for Crimson Desert at this time. I suspect that it will release in late 2024 or early 2025, but this is my speculation. You can follow the official Crimson Desert Twitter for more information.

    What platforms will Crimson Desert be on?

    Crimson Desert is a next-gen multiplatform title, meaning it will be playable on various consoles and PC. Here is where you can play Crimson Desert.

    • PC
    • PlayStation 5
    • Xbox Series X|S

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    Is Crimson Desert an MMO?

    Crimson Desert is not an MMO, despite Pearl Abyss’ previous title, Black Desert Online. Crimson Desert is planned to be a single-player action RPG game and looks jam-packed full of content. With a focus on single-player, players will be able to experience the world how they want and at their own pace.

    Is Crimson Desert Open World?

    Crimson Desert is an open-world game and follows the protagonist, Kliff, as he explores the region of Hernand. The world is a sprawling one, full of unique locations to discover, including floating islands in the sky. Players will have numerous ways to explore the world, both on the ground and in the air.

    Crimson Desert Activities

    The trailer from Gamescom Open Night Live revealed many of the activities and gameplay of Crimson Desert. This includes fishing, horse riding, attacking castles, flying hot air balloons, sky-diving, gliding, and even more. The trailer looks wild, and Crimson Desert appears to have no end of things to do. The combat looks engaging and fast-paced, and I cannot wait to dive in.

    Crimson Desert Trailer

    Gamescom Open Night Live gave an in-depth look at Crimson Desert. You can watch the latest trailer for Crimson Desert on the official Crimson Desert YouTube channel.

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