What Happens When a Digimon Eats a Human?


Throughout Digimon Ghost Game, the Digimon that the crew has confronted have introduced various ranges of menace to the human world. In Episode 46 “The Queen’s Banquet,” Oleamon tries to eat Hiro Amanokawa’s good friend Kotaro Nomura and the remainder of the crew. They are in a position to cease her earlier than she eats anybody, and Oleamon pivots into content material creation, making a social media channel the place she tries unusual meals mixtures. While this episode’s ending feels lighthearted, Oleamon narrowly averted a much more ugly destiny.

Ghost Game has proven two different predominant circumstances of Digimon making an attempt to eat people. In Episode 21 “The Spider’s Lure,” Arukenimon killed a number of folks to eat their brains. In Episode 26 “Cannibal Mansion,” Digitammamon by chance ate somebody in the home he was hiding in and consequently developed an insatiable starvation for human souls. Neither Arukenimon nor Digitammamon might be saved, and so they stay two of the one Digimon that the crew has killed. Comparing Oleamon to those two exhibits the one purpose the crew was in a position to save Oleamon is as a result of she by no means really ate an individual.

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Arukenimon’s Evil Schemes Became Far More Gruesome in Digimon Ghost Game

Throughout the Digimon franchise, numerous Arukenimon have been villains in a number of works, akin to in Digimon Adventure 02. However, whereas Arukenimon have sought energy all through their appearances, the strategies of gaining that energy in Ghost Game have been way more violent and set her aside as one of many sequence’ most harmful villains.

In Episode 21, Arukenimon considered herself as a neuroscientist. She lured her victims into her lair, an deserted mall, and ate their brains as a result of she believed their intelligence would give her extra energy. In some methods, her actions are much more brutal as a result of she doesn’t really have to eat folks to outlive; she is merely selecting to take action for her personal acquire. While the precise act of Arukenimon consuming the brains occurred offscreen, the episode nonetheless included the squelching and crunching sounds as she devoured her sufferer — in addition to the horrified reactions of her different victims. The scene stays one among Digimon Ghost Game’s most annoying sequences on account of this offscreen horror and its implications.

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Arukenimon additionally was harmful due to how crafty she was. While she attacked her victims in her Digimon kind in the beginning, she additionally used a human kind as a disguise. She was in a position to glean sufficient details about Hiro Amanokawa to persuade him that she knew his mom, and used this fabricated connection to trick the crew down into her lair.

While the crew did put up a very good combat towards her, they actually solely survived as a result of Gammamon remodeled into GulusGammamon and simply killed Arukenimon. Still, regardless of her dying, Arukenimon was an vital a part of the sequence as a result of she confirmed that killing folks was actually the purpose of no return for Digimon. While most different Ghost Game antagonists have been redeemed and rehabilitated when vital, Arukenimon couldn’t be saved as a result of the injury she inflicted was irrevocable.

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Digitamamon’s Descent Shows Human Souls Can Be Addictive for Digimon

While Arukenimon’s style for brains developed on account of her need for energy, Digitamamon’s habit to consuming folks began accidentally. In Episode 26, Digitamamon hid in a home inhabited by a human couple when he was by chance transported into the human world. When one of many home’s inhabitants startled Digitamamon, he attacked, and ate each of the people’ souls within the course of. While he technically didn’t eat their flesh, the method of consuming their spirits turned their our bodies to mud, killing them. Even although Digitamamon tried to spit the people out, he realized the spirits happy his starvation higher than any meal he had eaten earlier than.

Digitamamon’s friendship with Angoramon made his descent much more heartbreaking. In the Digital World, the 2 traveled collectively on a quest for extra data. This friendship led Angoramon to fortunately deliver his human accomplice Ruli Tsukiyono to satisfy Digitamamon, not realizing the latter really wished to eat her. Once Angoramon realized how far his good friend had fallen, he needed to be the one to kill Digitamamon to cease him from harming anybody else.

Ultimately, Digitamamon’s style for human spirits consumed him and left him unable to grasp that consuming folks was incorrect. Like Arukenimon, as soon as Digitamamon had tasted humanity, he appeared unable to cease himself from craving extra. Unlike Arukenimon’s fall, which gave the impression to be a acutely aware escalation of selections on her half, Digitamamon’s descent appeared nearly out of his management. His destiny additionally appeared to point that if different Digimon really ate people as properly, they’d even be unable to cease themselves from craving extra.

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Oleamon Survived Because She Never Actually Ate Anyone

Oleamon’s quest to devour humanity sprung from a misunderstanding. When she encountered Hiro’s father Hokuto Amanokawa within the Digital World, he commented that her cooking smelled like people did after they had not bathed in a very long time. Oleamon thought Hokuto was making a dinner advice somewhat than indicating that her meals smelled dangerous. She used her means to induce hallucinations to frighten her sufferer, Kotaro, into not bathing for days as she ready for what she believed can be the final word culinary expertise.

Luckily, the Ghost Game crew was in a position to cease her earlier than she ate Kotaro and satisfied her that consuming people was not a sensible choice. They steered her ardour for connoisseur experiences and dangerous smells into on-line content material creation. Oleamon created her personal channel the place she tasted new mixtures, permitting her to dwell her culinary goals with out harming any people within the course of.

Oleamon’s lighthearted ending contrasts sharply with the darker fates of Arukenimon and Digitamamon; her survival hinged upon the crew stopping her earlier than she ate anybody. If she had eaten Kotaro, like Digitamamon and Arukenimon earlier than her, she could not have been in a position to make herself cease consuming others — and the crew would have needed to destroy her, too. However, Oleamon’s redemption confirmed there may be hope for any Digimon in Ghost Game, so long as the crew intervenes earlier than they enact irreparable hurt.

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