What happened to the Helldivers 2 Retrieve Essential Personnel mission?


    The much-dreaded Recover Essential Personnel mission is one of the toughest encounters you’ll face in Helldivers 2. This handy guide will tell you what exactly this mission is and why it suddenly disappeared in patch 1,000,400.

    Helldivers 2 Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission Explanation

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    If you are not familiar with this type of mission, let me explain what to expect from Retrieve Essential Personnel. While this random generated The mission is found in many different difficulty levels, generally most commonly found in higher difficulty levels (Hard and higher) due to the better rewards distributed on these difficulties.

    It involves leaving your squad directly at a base in order to extract and save several unarmed people civilians. If you have played the emergency evacuation type of mission before, then you will be familiar with Recover Essential Personnel. The main difference is that the latter jumps directly to extraction step and greatly increases the number of enemies you have to defend against.

    After the mission begins, the Helldivers will have little time to prepare before hordes of enemies are unleashed upon them in a small, narrow area. The civilians who need to be rescued are concealment in two shelters located at the base. The players need activate a button out of the shelter before a couple of them start fleeing towards the extraction point.

    Once place amount of civilians have safely arrived at the extraction point, the objective will be marked as completed. It is at this point that Helldivers will be able to call in an extraction ship to avoid dodging it. Just make sure there are as many civilians as possible. surviveas each civilian killed will count as a penalty towards your reward at the end of the round.

    Where to find the Recover Essential Personnel mission in Helldivers 2

    The latest patch 1,000,400 is a big one, introducing a dizzying amount of balance changes to Helldivers 2 and new characteristics on the Galactic War map. But fans of the Retrieve Essential Personnel mission type might be disappointed to learn that the mission has been temporarily removed of the game. in the extensive patch notesDeveloper Arrowhead Studios says the mission “wasn’t fun enough or worked the way we want it to,” so they’ve disabled it for the time being so they can give it the “proper attention and care it deserves.”

    This move is understandable given the outcry from the Helldivers 2 community over how exhausting It was at very high difficulty levels, with some players even speculating what was it broken entirely. We hope Arrowhead can fix the mission so our Helldivers can continue rescuing the vulnerable citizens of the galaxy!

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