Despite The Lord of the Rings’ themes of hope and dedication, there are many tragic moments. The War of the Ring introduced smash to most of Middle-earth, and lots of characters met a grim destiny by the hands of Sauron’s armies. However, Aragorn pushed by means of to the tip, ensuing within the good end result for his character. However, that raises the query: did this blissful ending final after the occasions of The Lord of the Rings?

The final time Aragorn seems is at his coronation, changing into the thirty fifth King of Gondor and the primary High King of the Reunited Kingdom. Shortly after, Aragorn reunites with Arwen, and the 2 marry, simply as her Elven individuals sail away into the Undying Lands. Despite Arwen’s loss, the 2 discover happiness and proceed this all through most of their lives.

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As the identify “High King of the Reunited Kingdom” could recommend, Aragorn helped reunite the individuals of Gondor. After Sauron’s defeat, a lot of the land was ruined, and his armies scattered across the space. He noticed to it personally that Sauron’s forces, most notably the Easterlings and Haradrim, had been pushed again out of Middle-earth. Then it got here time to rebuild, which was a protracted and tedious course of, however one which made Gondor stronger than ever.

Around the identical time, Gimli had established his personal kingdom of Dwarves within the caves surrounding Helm’s Deep. With this new dwelling accomplished, Gimli and his individuals helped rebuild the areas round Gondor, creating a powerful bond between males and dwarves. Aragorn ensured this cooperation carried over to the remaining Elves of Middle-earth, which resulted within the main races being nearer than ever.

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Past this level, creator J.R.R. Tolkien wrote little about Aragorn’s reign as king. But judging by how nicely the remainder of Middle-earth prospered, it is assumed that Aragorn continued to be an amazing ruler that led to a much-needed age of peace. It’s additionally identified that he and Arwen had a number of daughters and a son named Eldarion.

For 120 years, Aragorn dominated as king till he felt his well being declining and handed on his crown to Eldarion. He stated farewell to his youngsters and handed away by Arwen’s aspect on the ripe previous age of 210. She died only a yr later, heartbroken by the lack of her husband. It was then as much as Eldarion, the second High King of the Reunited Kingdom, to proceed his father’s legacy. And he did precisely that, because the realm is claimed to have prospered for a whole bunch of years.

So, after all the pieces he had been by means of, Aragorn earned his blissful ending and managed to maintain it. The historical past of The Lord of the Rings is stuffed with dying and destruction, and few kings ever reside lengthy or blissful lives. Yet, by means of Aragorn’s will, he obtained the right send-off and granted the individuals of Middle-earth an opportunity to turn out to be higher.

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