What does the Bad Omen effect do in Minecraft and how to get it?


    The release of Minecraft 1.21 has transformed the Bad Omen effect to fit the new Test Chambers.

    What is the Bad Omen effect in Minecraft?

    There are two main things the Bad Omen effect does. The first use involves raids on villages, while the second activates the sinister version of the Testing Chambers.


    With the Bad Omen effect active, entering a village will change the Bad Omen into a Raid Omen. The Omen Raid will last 30 seconds before being destroyed and starting a Raid.

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    The number of waves in the Raid will depend on the level of the Sinister Bottle used and the difficulty of the game.

    • Sinister bottle I: Raids will last 3 waves on Easy difficulty, five waves on Normal difficulty, and seven waves on Hard difficulty.
    • Sinister Bottle II-V: Raids last 4 waves on Easy difficulty, six on Normal difficulty, and eight on Hard difficulty.
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    Sinister evidence

    After activating the Bad Omen effect, approaching a normal Trial Spawner will transform it into a Trial Omen. This will transform nearby Test Generators into Sinister Test Generators, indicated by the blue flames they release.

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    All waves of enemies released by Ominous Trial Spawners are stronger than usual. If mobs can wear armor and wield weapons, they will usually spawn with enchanted equipment. This armor will be decorated with the armor ornaments available in the Testing Chambers and will have Protection IV, Projectile Protection IV, and Fire Protection IV. Mobs that cannot use equipment will appear twice as much during the test. Once a trial is completed, they will drop different loot which may include a sinister trial key.

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    Sinister Trial Keys to unlock Sinister Vaults, which contain rarer treasures than normal vaults.

    How to get the Bad Omen effect in Minecraft

    The only way to achieve the Bad Omen effect is by consuming a sinister bottle. These bottles will always have a level between level 1 and level 5. Bottles of different levels look the same, but the duration of their effects in raids and test chambers will be different. There are two ways to obtain these bottles and each will randomly drop a sinister bottle of any level.

    Raid Captain

    There are two ways to get Sinister Bottles in Minecraft. The first way is to defeat a Raid Captain while he is not currently in a Raid. Raid Captains are distinguished from normal raiders by the flags they carry. Bottles found this way will be between level 1 and level 5.

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    This is the easiest option because you can find a raider outpost or defeat raiders that appear randomly. After defeating the Raid Captain, you may find a Sinister Bottle floating in the area where he died.

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    Trial Chambers

    The second way to obtain Sinister Bottles is by finding them as a rare drop within the Testing Chambers. They will occasionally be delivered after unlocking a Vault in the Vaults. I managed to get a Sinister Bottle after opening about eight Test Chamber vaults.

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    Once you have obtained a sinister bottle, drink it to obtain the bad omen status. Once activated, the effect will last 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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    When the Bad Omen status is in effect, you will see the corresponding symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want to eliminate it, drink a bucket of milk.

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