What does ‘Hacker Detected’ mean in Phasmophobia?


    Kinetic Games just dropped a new, well-awaited update for the popular co-op horror game Phasmophobia. The Ascension update, is the biggest one to the game to date, so it goes without saying that I’m pretty excited about it. A lot of new things have been added, giving you so much more playtime with your friends. When there are updates, there are typically a few bugs here and there.

    What is Hacker Detected in Phasmophobia?

    Hacker Detected is a message that typically pops up on a player’s ID card instead of their level. This message shows up when the game detects any installed mods, edited game files, or cheats a player has installed that may give them an unfair advantage over other players. This is to ensure that all players are playing fairly, and if someone has a cheater on their team, they can be aware.

    Image via Kinetic Games

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    With the new Ascension update, a lot of players have been seeing the [HACKER DETECTED] message, where their level count is. This is simply a bug that shows a falsepositive detection message. To fix this, you can simply relaunch or reconnect. Once you do that, the false-positive flag will go away, and your level will show up normally. Kinetic Games are surely going to fix this bug with the coming patches.

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